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In the light of the #WorldBreastfeedingWeek, I’d be doing posts specially dedicated to breastfeeding in its entirety. No wonder, breastfeeding isn’t as easy as it naturally appears to be. There are times it makes you tear your hair or even burst into a tear, specially when it comes to unpleasant experiences like that of engorgement & weaning. Sometimes, it may even make you envy your formula-feeding mommy friends when you start struggling at weaning your kid completely.

Here’s what these beautiful Momma bloggers have to share about their struggles & wins with breastfeeding their children. And I’m sure they will only motivate you to keep up the great job & see that bit of virtual support while realizing that you’re not alone, Mom!

#WorldBreastfeedingWeek bloggers share experience with breastfeeding

Ophira Bhastekar

Easy Mommy Life

Ophira #WBW

My breastfeeding journey was smooth sailing with a few hiccups on the way.

The key reasons for my successful journey were:

Strong Support System

Family, doctors and lactation consultants who provided the correct information and guidance in those early weeks. I cannot stress how important it is to have a village that backs the mother to continue breastfeeding. There were many times in the initial months when I wanted to quit and without the support I would have indeed given up.

Positive Self Dialogue

There are few cases where unfortunately mothers cannot continue breastfeeding. But most of us face common challenges like decrease in milk supply that are usually due to babies growth spurts or stress on mother. During every such period of low milk supply I used to spend some time in positive self-dialogue and continue breastfeeding at a more frequent interval (sometimes up to an hour at a time). Sure enough my body would catch up with the demand a few days later.

Instead of worrying too much about my milk supply all I kept track of was my son’s weight gain and pee count (atleast 6 pees a day).

That is the reason why I ask all new mothers to research, take classes and build the correct support system educated on the subject of breastfeeding (lactation consultants & breastfeeding-friendly doctors) and use their expertise to solve the different issues that arise when breastfeeding. Personally for me once I was past one month of breastfeeding it was smooth sailing and we continued breastfeeding well past 2 years. Currently I’m in the process of gentle weaning.

Deepa Gandhi

Kreative Mommy

Deepa Gandhi #WBW

My breastfeeding experience with my elder one was not that great initially as she had some problem with latching. There were issues like engorgement and fever but the trick is to keep on trying. You will slowly get there and its the most beautiful experience. I breastfed both my daughters till almost 8-9 months but did a combination of bottle and breastfeed both. They were born a little premature and I had to include bottle feed too. Breastfeeding is the most beautiful experience which helps you and your child to bond and connect. So, make sure you try & not give up because of any issues.

Zainab Raazi

Slim Expectations

Zainab #WBW

Breast feeding twins is no easy job, but I managed it for almost a year. 8 months to be precise.
I suffered a major backache post my delivery and that was the reason for me to pause at 8 months.
With twins it was not easy only breast feeding exclusively, but I tried my best.
  •  I used to express a lot. So, when I was feeding one directly the other one could get the expressed one.
  • I made sure to eat good nutritious food but excluded all type of aerated drinks to avoid colic.
  • I became really slim and it felt like a bonus to consume  French toast & full toned milk without worrying about the weight.
Benefits of mothers milk are way  more than formula & I would suggest to express your milk as much as possible, if you work or need a break.
The best part of direct feeding is you do not have to worry about sterilizing the bottles, or spending extra on formula.
All you need is a feeding pillow so you can take care of your posture & a breast pump.

Geethica Mehra

Geethica #wbw

Breastfeeding is the most natural way to connect with your baby

It’s been 4 years since I breastfed my second child. The emotions are still so clear in my mind. Both my children were self-weaned as soon as they completed their first year. As a new mom, it was a very precious experience for me. I was told to keep my new born in my lap and feel the love flowing.

While I nursed, my daughter would constantly look into my eyes as if she had so much to say. I would look at her & ask what was that she was trying to convey. I used to feel so content & happy as I felt all my saved up wishes getting transferred to her.

My mother-in-law had guided me during my initial days of lactation & stood by me throughout my breastfeeding journey.

Aren’t these women such an inspiration?

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