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Yeah! You know they say walking is the CHEAPEST workout you could do to lose weight. No hefty gym membership fees to shell out, neither even invest in simulated walking with the treadmill. So, walking to lose weight is just dirt cheap. Isn’t it? Because the ONLY equipment you’d need is some path or trail to walk on.

But, did you ever realize that as simple as it looks to be, your results may not be as impressive or even satisfactory? You might have had times when you felt it was just not happening even after walking consistently for the same amount of time everyday in the park. And perhaps, said to yourself, “No money, no weight loss!”

So, here are 7 things that you MUST religiously follow if you’re aiming for weight loss by WALKING:

7 Reasons why you're not losing weight by WALKING

1. Walk Alone


Walking to lose weight alone

How many times have you tried coercing a friend to join you for your walking routine only to find that the focus is totally grabbed by impromptu conversations, gossips, rants & everything under the sun? Well, that’s ALWAYS happened to me. By the way, I’m a chatterbox. And these walks just ensure that I slow my pace down when I feel either of us has started panting to manage to keep talking. So, the entire purpose of the walk gets decimated.

If you feel that your walk partner is slower than you, or you both can’t resist the temptation to keep conversations away while walking, WALK ALONE or CHANGE THE PARTNER, to preferably a much reserved one! 😉

2. Wear the right SHOES

Select the right shoes when walking to lose weight

Like I’ve always felt that the wrong pair of shoes can not only mar the walking experience by making you funnily trot or limp as the only thing you feel is “Oh, it hurts like a bed of nails! 🙁 But, NO! I’m still walking to lose weight.”

You may have enough motivation towards losing weight, but that isn’t going to help when the shoes you wear are tight, loose or lack grip. You may want to read more about selecting the right pair of shoes for walking/running.

So, first get yourself a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Because, this investment is way better than quitting to walk after a series of repeated uncomfortable walk sessions.

3. Record

It isn’t progress until it can be measured.

Record your walking progress with a tracker or an app

Of course, when we adopt some healthy changes into our lifestyle/routine, it’s technically going to pacify us because we “know” that we’re doing something “right” & that’s supposed to make us feel “good”.

No doubts, as you walk every day consistently, you’re bound to improve your capacity & pace. However, if you don’t document your progress, your walking may just do something that a placebo effect does to you.

So, never refrain from downloading an app, fitness tracker/watch like FITBIT to gauge your efforts on a daily basis. And trust me, your motivation will be the number of steps/walking rate you accomplished the previous day. Map your progress to your weight accordingly over a reasonable period of time.

4. Tweak your Playlist

Tweak your walking playlist

I prefer to have fast & peppy songs or some hard metal from the 80’s on my playlist when I walk to rev my mood to stay motivated till I finish my rounds. Some of my friends like to listen to podcasts to keep the mood peppy & also learn something new & cool while being at it.

Having a well curated playlist really helps you to avoid distractions.

5. On your marks, Brush, Set & Go!

Brush & leave for walking

The BEST TIME to get walking to lose weight is usually said to be right after waking when burning calories gets easier & your body isn’t topped up with the breakfast calories. Hence, the body easily tends to get into the fat-burning mode at this time of the day. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about completing errands such as preparing breakfast, cleaning the kitchen counter or any such thing to finish & leave for your walk.

So, just brush your teeth & LEAVE! 😀

6. Don’t burn yourself out

Cramps due to wrong walking pace

While brisk walking is always effective for weight loss, it doesn’t mean you have to pace yourself to something close to a sprint & feel exhausted with exasperated pants & cramps.

Try walking by varying your speed. Example, if you walk 2 rounds of a park at super fast pace, let the 3rd round be a medium paced one. This way you get to relax & still be on.

7. No Gatorade or Red Bull, Please!

No Red Bull, Gatorade or energy drinks while walking to lose weight

Even if somebody has told you sipping on Gatorade or a similar drink can keep you fueled with inexhaustible energy during any workout, you can never deny the overloaded calories in them in the garb of sweetness.

Therefore, avoid having these drinks before, during or after your walk.

Have you also been walking to lose weight? Or have you successfully got fitter by choosing simple walking as your workout? Do share your experience in the comments.

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