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Have you just had that ‘crazy as nuts’ overeating marathon last night? Or perhaps an entire buddies’ day out, where you gobbled every edible thing on the planet & now feel like breaking your fist on the wall? Or rather punching yourself in the gut? (Pun intended)

I’m sure all of us have done that a number of times even during a grit-fueled weight loss journey. In my case, it used to be a customary occurrence during Christmas & the New Year. Well, now I do not condone the temptation at all. But I do know it starts with the fear of being labelled as “the party pooper” during such occasions & takes off on a “It’s just the matter of 1 DAY” note. Doesn’t it? From my experience, building a habit of discipline takes at least 2 weeks. And during that you can feel vulnerable to temptations, ending up overeating many times.

But seriously, you don’t get beaten up around your weight loss plan by overeating for a day or 2. You actually lose the weight loss battle when you give up by calling yourself guilty of it, thereafter licensing yourself to overeating eternally.

I know you feel as dirty as filth after you finish binging out of carnal desire, viz. emotional eating. And it takes your trouser or skirt to tighten around your waist for you to realize that your intestines are about to burst!


That’s not what you call “THE END”.

How to UNDO OVEREATING during weight loss

Here are 7 things that can straighten things up after overeating: (So, “Bye-Bye, GUILT!”)

1. Bring in Positivity

What many people do wrong after indulging in an overeating session is thinking of it as an un-doable offense & thus continuing to stimulate their taste buds with overindulgent unhealthy food as usual. So here are the scores, TEMPTATION 1, WILL POWER 0.

You need to change your mindset here. A day’s unmindful eating definitely affects, or rather disturbs your metabolism, but that’s not going to mean that your efforts for weight loss will be nullified thereafter. It just means that your otherwise – smooth journey has intercepted a hurdle. And it’s always up to you whether you can conquer the weight scale despite the hurdle, or not. Nevertheless, this wasn’t a cheat meal that one’s entitled to at a planned interval; YET think of it as a cheat meal that’s over & vow to yourself that you’re going to work harder towards the damage control.

However, just see to it that this doesn’t become a regular affair.

2. Go for a Walk

New York based Gastroenterologist Dr. Lisa Ganjhu says, “Walking is the best thing to do after overeating because it stimulates GI (Gastro-Intestinal) mobility to help move food through your body faster.”

The walking doesn’t have to be a brisk one. You could just enjoy a relaxing yet long walk after the overindulgent meal either alone or with the buddy who was probably your partner in the overeating mission too. šŸ˜‰ By the way, apart from overeating escapades, I’d also suggest you to go for an after-meal walk if weight loss is your thing.

3. Chug Water

If it’s not time for bed yet, drink at least 3-4 glasses of water in a row. Drinking lots of water stimulates the metabolism to work faster & prevents water-retention due to any unhealthy meal, specially involving high sodium. A weight gain of anything between 1-3 kgs, which normally shows up the next morning, is nothing but water weight. Curb it there!

4. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea is an excellent fat-burning drink, which aids in efficient metabolism. Having a cup of turmeric tea just before bedtime will help your body in losing the calories that you could possibly be gaining from overeating that day.

Check out: How to make Turmeric Tea

5. Delay Nap

Though on an ideal day, this could be the worst thing to do, I’d strongly suggest you to delay your sleep by at least an hour from the usual time. Having stuffed your tummy with food that might just feel like ripping it apart, you’re not ready for sleep yet. Even if you badly want to call it a day. Sleeping, rather lying down immediately after a sumptuous meal makes bloating worse & the digestion process further sluggish.

6. It’s ‘One Too Many’

Alcohol, even if it’s wine, is the worst drink to have when on a weight loss plan. Alcohol, even in moderate amounts, leads to water retention that ain’t a good thing to go with.

Cut yourself from alcohol for at least another month or so. Well, Kudos if you can give it up! šŸ™‚

7. Don’t Skip meals

The silliest thing you could do the next day is SKIPPING MEALS.

Skipping meals only triggers your body to accumulate more fat within to sustain an indiscriminate ‘fasting’ spell. Eat mindfully all your meals to include more protein & less carbs. Ensure you’re having all your MACROS met.

Have you survived an overeating hangover with some tailor-made tips for yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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