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If you’ve followed me for some time now, you know that I have never had the perfect skin. Since I was a teenager, my skin has been sensitive and prone to acne breakouts. Large pores on my face with oily skin had aggravated my skin condition. The zits on my face were frustrating, affecting my emotional health. The CTM (Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing) skin care routine seemed all fine to look at, but not all brands & products work well with every skin type & its problem. Do they? Well, here is my honest experience with using ThriveCo Ultimate Toner after switching from my previous toner. Apart from adhering to a lifestyle with adequate exercise, whole foods, low on saturated fats & refined sugar, my dermatologist also suggested that a good toner could effectively help maintain a healthy skin. A great toner ideally can shrink & unclog the open pores & also aid oil-regulation. 

Although I’m beyond the phase of chronic acne now, I’m still prone to breakouts, specially after facial hair removal if I do not care to apply a toner to my skin, right away (I usually choose to wax). I was not completely happy with the toner I used, as I feel, it did not shrink the facial pores. My toner would dry out my skin, making it feel itchy. A few months ago, I came across ThriveCo’s Pore-Minimizing Toner on Instagram. This toner claimed to shrink large, open pores & clarify skin by unclogging the facial pores, delivering results in 8 weeks. Scrolled through many positive reviews about this toner. And I was pretty much convinced into buying it as it contains botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid, & other skin-friendly ingredients, which I was sure would not irritate my sensitive skin.

ThriveCo ultimate toner complete review

This is the first time I have used ThriveCo’s skincare product & have been using ThriveCo’s Ultimate Toner for over two months now & here’s what I feel about it.

This toner is mild on your skin, yet very effective. The consistency of the ThriveCo Ultimate Toner is watery. It is devoid of any fragrance & has a pale yellow color. It comes in a plastic spray bottle. 

How to Use the ThriveCo Ultimate Toner

After cleansing my face, I spray the toner generously on my entire neck and face. For better & quick absorption, I pat my entire face lightly with clean hands. It keeps my skin hydrated & feel supple & great. 🙂 After applying the toner, I wait a few minutes to let it get absorbed into my skin; then, I continue my usual skincare routine. After the toner, I apply my regular moisturizer. As directed, I applied this toner twice daily: in the morning (after shower) & before bedtime.

After 3 weeks of application, I felt my skin more hydrated, well-nourished, & well-cared for. I was impressed to spot a noticeable change in my skin texture. By the end of 4 weeks, I could actually feel that my skin had become super soft. However, at this point then, I did not see any visible change in the facial pores. 

Around 6 weeks of applying this toner religiously, I could see that the large open pores on my face had visibly shrunk.

Does ThriveCo's ultimate toner really help acne pores?

Regular use of this product can balance your skin’s pH, combined with a good quality cleanser & moisturizing cream (whichever suits your skin type), creating the ideal base for skincare products, like sunscreen or even make-up.

I found it to work excellently over my sensitive skin. After using this toner for over 2 months, my skin feels soft to touch, healthy & more hydrated, despite a consistently low temperature here in Bangalore this year. ThriveCo’s toner soothes my skin, which otherwise, is easily irritated with winter dryness. It penetrates deeply into the skin to restore its natural pH levels. It doesn’t clog pores & is excellent for sensitive skin. 

I’d love for you to try this ThriveCo Ultimate Toner if you’ve been struggling with large facial pores, acne & excess oil production. Do keep me posted about your results in the comments!

Disclaimer This is a sponsored post. However, I’ve tested the product thoroughly over a period of more than two months & have fairly assessed it based on how it has personally helped me. My recommendation hinges on my personal experience, panning the elaborate ingredient list of the product.

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