It’s quite the season of strawberries in India now. What is your favorite indulgence with strawberry? Well, for me and our daughter, it’s been strawberry milkshakes, ice-creams and strawberry jams (which is rarely available in the Indian supermarkets. By the way, THAT is NOT the reason why I decided to make my own jam!) Here, I’ll be showing you the easiest recipe to make a healthy and tasty batch of sugar free strawberry jam at home.

Vegan No Sugar Strawberry jam without preservatives or pectin

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have known that it’s been close to a year that I completely quit refined sugar. While that is true, you can know more about why I quit processed foods, like years ago. And as most of you are aware, any fruit jam-making process plainly means that fruits need to be caramelized with sugar. Or any other sweetener for that matter.

You can also check out the below quick video recipe to make the Strawberry Jam too.

What’s about this NO-pectin version of Sugar-Free Strawberry jam?

Strawberries have this characteristically sweet and sour flavor. And the amount of sweetener would largely depend on the sweetness of the strawberries you’re using. In that sense, therefore, I do not use the sweetener and strawberries in a fixed ratio.

So, I’d entirely leave it up to your preference here. This recipe for making sugar free strawberry jam without any pectin or preservatives is what you can use as a guideline in terms of the method.

I generally like to consume strawberries in a sweetened version. But since I quit refined sugar last year, how did I change my list of ingredients that went into the jam-making process?

The usual sweeteners that I use for making most of my fruit jams are jaggery (or powder), brown rice syrup or liquid jaggery.

Healthy homemade Sugar-less Strawberry jam.

Why HONEY isn’t an ideal sweetener for making this sugar free strawberry jam?

Nevertheless, if you talk about using honey to be added as an ingredient to making jam, which involves heating and boiling, here’s an issue. Honey has toxic effects upon the body when heated. Even Ayurveda says so. I, however, discovered this fact a little later in my life. So you better skip using honey as a jam sweetener!

So, here, I mostly go for powdered or grated jaggery/ brown rice syrup or liquid jaggery (which is popularly called ‘Joni Bella’ in Kannada.) Liquid jaggery is prepared from sugarcane juice being boiled to a certain consistency. I personally have been buying the Jivabhumi brand for liquid jaggery. You can either buy that or any other brand as long as you trust it to be organic and free from any chemicals masked under confusing names.

Liquid Jaggery EXACTLY resembles honey in terms of its consistency. However, it usually has a little darker hue to it as compared to the color of honey.

You may want to see this recipe for Sugar-free Mango jam where I’ve written about about the role of PECTIN in making jams and how to modify a jam’s recipe to skip Pectin altogether.

Sugar-free no-pectin, vegan Strawberry jam recipe

Now, here’s how you can easily make this absolutely delicious Sugar free Strawberry jam at home that can last in your fridge for at least 45-50 days, is VEGAN and free from preservatives.

Homemade Sugar free strawberry jam without artificial color or preservatives
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Vegan, No-Sugar, No-Pectin Homemade Strawberry Jam

This easy recipe for homemade Strawberry jam is vegan, free from any added preservatives, contains no refined sugar, pectin or edible colors. Upon refrigeration, the jam can easily last for 1.5 months.

Course Breakfast, Side Dish
Cuisine American, Indian, Mexican
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Servings 250 grams (1 medium jar)


  • 400 grams Strawberries Washed well & each into halves
  • ½ tbsp Lemon juice Freshly squeezed. You can add small pieces of lemon rind too.
  • ¾ cup Liquid Jaggery


  1. Put the cleaned & halved strawberries into a blender jar & blend well. However, it's okay if there are still some blobs of strawberries that didn't get ground into the puree. This non-uniformity can actually enhance the texture of the final jam.

    Wash & cut all the strawberries into halves
  2. In a thick-bottomed saucepan or kadhai, add the blended puree & start heating on a medium flame.

    Blend the strawberries into a puree for maing sugar free strawberry jam
  3. Stir for about a minute & then add all the liquid jaggery (or your sweetener) to the saucepan.

    Add the strawberry puree to a saucepan & then the liquid jaggery
  4. Mix well for some time & keep this heating on a medium flame.

    Continue to heat on a medium flame
  5. Add the lemon juice, rind & mix well.

    Lemon juice acts like a natural preservative for jams
  6. Look for the time when you see the pureed strawberries leaving their juices into the mixture & the consistency slightly begins to change.

    The mixture will start to boil
  7. Reduce the flame a bit & keep stirring for about a minute or two until the volume starts to decrease noticeably.

    Sugar free strawberry jam steps. The mixture keeps decreasing in volume as it thickens
  8. At frequent intervals, keep stirring as you'll notice bubbles & at some point the mixture starts becoming denser & tends to stick to the sides. Don't let the sticking happen. This means the jam consistency is just about to be achieved.

  9. The volume keeps getting thicker turning out gelatinous (jelly-like) & darker in color,

    Check if you've reached this consitency towards the end before the spoon test
  10. For me, the jam was ready in 25 minutes when I put off the flame.

  11. To check if your jam is really done or still needs cooking, do this. Take a spoon & scrape off a tiny part of the jam from the back of it. If the jam doesn't 'flow' or drip down & stays on the spoon, your jam is done!

    Spoon test for sugar free strawberry jam
  12. Cover the jam with a lid & wait for it to cool naturally.

  13. After the jam is completely cooled, you may then transfer all of it into a clean, glass jar or steel container. You must always store jam in an air tight container & avoid using plastic for the storing purpose.

Recipe Notes

  1. NEVER store this or any other homemade jam in plastic containers as substances like jams & pickles contain a lot of natural & healthy acids which react with the plastic resulting in toxic variations of the stored food, you intend to serve healthy. This can also affect your digestion process.
  2. The quantity of the sweetener can be adjusted according to your preference & how sweet your strawberries are.
  3. You can also choose to just chop all the strawberries into small pieces & start heating them with the sweetener, if you like the characteristic coarse texture of the jam. That tastes great too!
  4. Keep the bottled jam refrigerated.
  5. You may totally skip the lemon rind or juice. Nonetheless, adding this to the jam not only acts as a natural preservative, but also renders a unique & pleasant tangy twist to the flavor.

Common doubts about cooking this strawberry jam

“What if the final jam turns out to be sour? Can adding & mixing extra sweetener later be fine?”

Well, I haven’t had to do this anytime as tasting the strawberries before does help assess their sweetness before hand to adjust the quantity of sweetener that will go in cooking. However, as compared to jaggery powder or even sugar, adding some more liquid jaggery to cover the sourness would still be a great solution. It wouldn’t alter the strawberry flavor either. I haven’t tried using coconut sugar though.

“Can I use frozen strawberries to make the jam?”

Frozen berry-like fruits are a good choice for making sorbets or nice creams, in my opinion. I, therefore, do not really think they’d make a great ingredient for a jam. 🙂

No-Sugar, No-Pectin healthy Homemade strawberry jam

DISCLAIMER This post contains affiliate link(s) to products that I have used for the recipe.That means if you make a purchase on clicking the link, I earn a tiny commission at no extra cost to you. I’m grateful if you do. And I’ve never recommended products/services on my site, that I have not experienced myself. Please read my full disclosure.

So, how does this jam look to you? I’m sure making this will be a breeze for you and equally rewarding with its deliciousness and health bonuses! I’d love to know what you have to say about this sugar free strawberry jam.

If you are making it, I’d also love to see your jams on Instagram, where you can tag me in your posts. 🙂

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