To lose weight isn’t a game relegated to the arithmetic of CALORIES IN & CALORIES OUT. It comes across as one though. Sadly, what happens is that weight loss starts to get on your nerve when:

  • You realize it’s not happening fast;
  • Your sweet tooth won’t let that happen;
  • You can’t get up early for some exercise;
  • You think that extra weight comes from your genes! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • You make peace with your present body thinking, “What’s life if I have to give up what I love to live it?”
  • You start believing that your hormones will surely nullify all your efforts (if you have PCOS, Thyroid issues or similar problems).

Darling, I feel you. TOTALLY!

Before I begin, I want to tell you that to lose weight is easy, specially when a fad diet is fueling your mind & body. Especially like the Keto, GM & military diet. However, maintaining that weight is barely possible when your diet isn’t sustainable. Meaning a diet that you cannot keep forever.

And that’s why I ran a few polls on my Instagram to help my readers who’re trying hard to lose weight. So here I am, with my first post of September, with 5 simplest yet solid ways to stay motivated through your aim to lose weight.

The reason why I recommend these to you is because, they were what I figured out on my own as I hustled towards a leaner, better & stronger frame of mine. They were what I didn’t Google for before starting off with my weight loss journey like I used to before. And they’ve always worked for me whenever I felt like GIVING UP!

Be Realistic

I’ve seriously been in awe of all those who have had massive physical transformations close to a range of 80-100 kgs or even more. Specially those who did it slow & steady with a natural & sustainable diet. Nevertheless, DO NOT try to see yourself in that perspective on DAY 1 without planning what you’re going to do to get there. No two people on earth really have the same physical endurance.

So, start with slow yet firm steps. Set a realistic weight goal for yourself. Say, 2-3 kgs of weight to lose in your first month. You absolutely don’t need to fret if you lose even just 1 kg that month then. To lose weight without breaking your body & spirits itself is a feat in the making!

And to do that start with a journal to feature your most beautiful weight loss memoir!

Have a Role Model

I’d really ask you to have somebody to admire for his/her lifestyle & principles more than his/her physique & style. No doubts about every ‘fit’ person making laudable efforts to achieve that level of fitness & physical appeal. But you never know whether the story behind their fitness is about months & years of hard work & discipline, or sheer pain & a lackluster life. Or worse, chemical pills!

Well, personally, I see Rujuta Diwekar & Simrun Chopra as my role models when it comes to weight loss & following a healthy lifestyle. The diet they endorse is a completely natural & scientific one, which makes it a sustainable thing. By the way, Simrun is also a perfect inspiration to women who find it difficult to lose weight due to PCOS. I firmly believe in what these 2 fantastic women have to say about losing weight WITHOUT sacrificing your palate & appetite!


To draw continual inspiration from your role models, I’d say you follow them on Instagram as most of their profiles are filled with motivating & easy-to-do workouts & easy-to-follow diets & tips.

Share to lose weight!

There’s a lot that goes into weight loss. Be it a little self-anger, guilt, confessions, bottled frustration & a silent hunt for appreciation. Yeah, I’ve been there, experienced all that.

A major hindrance to losing weight is the lack of self-discipline. In such a case, when you have somebody to check on you whenever you find yourself ‘off the track’, it works like a much needed catalyst to lose weight.

So, share your progress, plans, difficulties & pictures on a viable social platform. There will always be that friend of yours who’ll give a damn to all that you have to say about your fitness journey sans the airbrushed & filtered Pinterest & Instagram-worthy pictures. If you trust an online community of like-minded people who share the same struggles as yours, verify its credentials & go ahead to share your journey. So the next time you feel you’re failing, or your passion is dying down or you’re being overpowered by your temptations, say it aloud to a friend or that online group or community.

Post your pictures or your body stats that you want to work on. So that there’s everyone looking & you NEVER ever feel like going back! What could be better if that leaves you with some amazing throwback pictures to collage with your transformation? Like the one I have below:

FACE FAT REDUCTION is just a myth! I was always on the plumper side since adolescence & wasn't even married in 2010. I was still dealing with pregnancy fat in 2014. The 2016 picture shows a quite different version of my face. What people fail to realize is that there is no selective/spot fat reduction possible. When you lose weight naturally with a balanced diet & adequate amount of exercise, it shows on your face as well. Of course, you may then ask why are there specific exercises for target areas, like planks, pilates etc. These workouts are usually meant to render more strength & toning to those muscles but they also make you burn more calories & hence unwanted fat too. And when that happens it shows on every part of your body. So just STAY CALM, EAT CLEAN & EXERCISE. It will show damn soon! #exercise #workout #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fat #bodyfat #spotreduction #facefat #tonedface #yoga #sustainablediet #postpregnancy #pregnancyweightloss #pregnancyweightgain #weightloss #cleaneating

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Well, I’ve experienced a successful weight loss postpartum & an appreciable level of fitness as compared to what I used to be in my teens. And yet, I have problem areas. I too have my fairly chubby forearms & love handles to work over. So after weight loss until now, toning my arm muscles & back are my current fitness goals!

By the way, if you’re keen to be part of one such weight loss/fitness community, I’d be glad to have a Facebook group of our own to help all of us to overcome hurdles & share immense support with each other. Let me know if you’d be game to be part of such a group, either in the comments or on my Fb page.

Loving Ain’t always Caring

You’ve always heard from fitness enthusiasts about loving your body. Now, of course, I’m somebody who hates body-shaming to the core & would do anything possible to shut that crap down. Nevertheless, loving your body doesn’t mean that you stop caring for it. If you love your body, gear it up for being healthy too. And with fitness & health, shall come a physical appeal that you’ll cherish until eternity.

Drink Water

Your initial days of a weight loss schedule are bound to be rigid in terms of noticing changes. You’d often be tempted to jump on that scale to note your weight down in the journal only to see no change even after a week.

But making sure that you’re drinking enough water every day is one of the most important items on your check-list. And when you do that, there’s enough self-assurance that you’re on the right track.

Please share your thoughts on staying motivated to lose weight in the comments.

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