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I know many of you feel wary about joining an expensive gym or even hiring a personal trainer whose credibility is something you’d always doubt till you start seeing your results. Well, I’m very much like you. And I personally believe that your fitness methods should be effective, inexpensive & sustainable. While I swear by Yoga, walking, Step-exercising & sustainable dieting as my fitness partners, I also stand by the amazing benefits of running. NO! Not just the times when a stray dog chases you or while catching a bus/train that you’re about to miss! But, do you ALWAYS consider buying yourselves a pair of proper SPORTS SHOES when you decide to run for health? Is it worth?

Why do you need a pair?

I can totally understand your thoughts on whether to buy a dedicated pair of sports shoes before you head over to your nearest park or lane for running/walking as your daily physical activity. Specially when you’ve got just enough inspiration from some fine barefoot runners like Milind Soman, Abebe Bikila or Zola Budd; it’s natural to think why would you really need to invest in shoes.

Sports Shoes - Buy the RIGHT PAIR for you

However, the sad part is that, most of our feet aren’t made for running! Apart from getting pricked & thwarted by roadside clutter including stones, twigs etc, even on a smooth surface like the running tracks of a nice stadium, you’re prone to develop a range of nasty avoidable problems with the feet. Like sprained ankles, strained knees & calves, Plantar Faciitis, hairline fractures, spine troubles etc. I remember experiencing a brief spell of Plantar Fasciitis while i stepped on my daughter’s tiny toy blocks & it hurt like crazy! 🙁

That happens because all of us have different types of arches with our feet. And those with a higher arch are more prone to face injuries while running if not prepared well for it with the right shoes. You may want to read more on it here.

So, what is an ideal pair of SPORTS SHOES like?

It makes perfect sense to find out which running shoes are best suited for your foot arch type. Here’s a video guide that will help you determine your ideal shoe type.

Here’s a brief checklist to know if the shoes you’re buying are just right for you:

  • Must not be tight.
  • Should have a flexible & comfortable cushioning along the middle of your sole (that’s exactly where your foot arch is!)
  • Should be Breathable; which is a must if you want to keep bacterial & fungal infections away. Now you don’t want your shoes to stink like a skunk just because you spend many ‘sweaty’ minutes or hours in them everyday. Right?

Hey! Running or sports shoes are not always about chic looks & fancy colors. So don’t ever compromise on the comfort of your shoes on that part.

You can check out the latest collection of sports & running shoes on many e-commerce websites, where they offer you great discounts. In case you feel that you need to reconsider your choice in shoes you can avail the return/exchange offer to do so.

Disclaimer This is a sponsored content. However, all my views & opinions are honestly my own. Please head to my disclosure here.

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