“So what?” you say. “Come on, now stop telling me that it’s bad; as if you’ve NEVER been sleeping with your phone.” Is that what you’re going to retort me with?

Well, YES. I’ve been guilty here until exactly 10 days ago.

That was until I got some sharp rebuts from my better half about how I’ve been numbing myself from the real milieu of my home, special moments with my daughter & some real conversations that could have been. I’ve always been following this habit of sleeping 2 hours after dinner. But why is it so damn hard to toss the phone away from your sight? About a fortnight ago, I came to realize that I was missing out some of my daughter’s intriguing questions. Be it her puppy eyes gleaming in search of approval to which colors she can use to paint a particular picture. Or my guilty self shrinking her bedtime stories short, so that I can check my WhatsApp messages & emails just before I sleep. And, of course, a ‘few’ YouTube videos to feel ‘lighter’ before hitting the sack. Well, YouTube has ALWAYS been synonymous with a MAZE to me! And I guess, it must be the same for you too.

Yes. And for all that, I’ve felt guilty AF.

I must admit, that ever since I began blogging, checking out phone notifications became more frequent than ever. Of course, I’ve uninstalled apps like Facebook & Twitter long back. But, it still wasn’t enough, when Instagram & WhatsApp were always edging my mind over a feeble FoMo (Fear of Missing Out). As bloggers, we need to be quite active & responsive over social media. But, turning unintentionally agnostic to our actual social world & family should never be a repercussion.

I totally sensitize myself to your job, that calls for your generous online availability. Because, it’s pretty similar to what my husband was expected of, at several instances. Yet, his ways of disconnecting from his phone are what I call extremely enterprising.

Hence, siphoning a lot of inspiration from him, I figured out 5 fool-proof ways to stop sleeping with your phone:

5 ways to stop sleeping with your smartphone

1. Charge Away

This is one interesting way, my husband detoxifies his mind from the hustle-bustle of the office followed by the crazy traffic. As soon as he gets home, he puts his phone for charging away from where he’s going to be spending his next 1 hour. This way, you make the transition of the ambience from a tiring to a happy & welcoming one very easy.

From the past 10 days, I’ve been doing the same. I charge my phone in a different room when it’s close to draining & I’m done with my work.

Engage with your family or friends/roomies while your phone is quietly charging away from you. I bet my boots, you wouldn’t yearn for your phone dose while that one casual conversation unwinds to a really heartening & relaxing one!

2. Keep Calm & Uninstall

Uninstall Apps like Facebook & Twitter whose notifications are neither urgent nor important; but only do their best in distracting you 24/7.

Also, MUTE yourself from uneventful WhatsApp groups. I know we’re all part of some weird WhatsApp group(s) that we’re obliged to not quit. 😐

3. Wake up to a REAL alarm to stop sleeping with your phone

Okay, you’re sleeping with your phone just because it’s your alarm? Not any more. Our parents never slept beside a mobile phone to wake them up in the morning. Did they?

Get hold of the old-school alarm clock & maybe, even surprise the guy at the electronic gadgets shop by buying it! 😉

4. Hail the Blocking / DND Mode

DND / BLOCK mode to stop sleeping with your phone

What if emergency calls strike you in the middle of the night? From your parents or people really close to you?

Well, in all smartphones, both IPhone & Android, you’ll find the Blocking mode/ Do Not Disturb Mode. When else would it come handy?

This way, you can limit incoming calls to only the contacts you ALLOW.

5. Switch off WiFi/ Mobile Data

More preferably, you could switch off your WiFi / Mobile Data to cut yourself from the harmful radiations while you sleep & also keep your phone at least 2 meters away from your body.

Like I said in this post before, the blue light emitted by your screen damages your ability to sleep, leaves you cranky & irritable for the next day & thus horribly disturbs your moods & capacity to be productive. Not just that, the dangers of the radiations around your phone might just mess up with your health to leave you with a room full of regret.

Therefore, I & Shilpa Gupte of Metanoia are hosting a 7-DAY DETOX SMART NIGHTS CHALLENGE starting today till November 7.

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WELCOME TO THE 7-DAY DETOX SMART NIGHTS CHALLENGE! * * Hosted by me & @shilclix to urge you to BREAK the long-loathed dangerous habit of sleeping with your phone on/alongside your bed. * * Do you realize how irritable, sleep-deprived, cranky & sick this habit of scrolling through stuff on your phone has made you? * * Everyday it's a vicious cycle. * * You're dying to sleep & then grab your phone to check that 1 last notification/email. * One thing leads to another & there you're video hopping on YouTube * Only to realize it's already past midnight or maybe, DAWN! TAKE THIS 7-DAY CHALLENGE where you'd : * ?NOT USE THE PHONE 2 HOURS BEFORE BED NO MATTER WHAT ?NOT STARE AT YOUR SCREENS SCROLLING TILL YOU FALL ASLEEP ?KEEP THE PHONE AT LEAST 1 METRE AWAY FROM YOU WITH THE WIFI/INTERNET OFF *PLEASE WRITE your name IN THE COMMENTS HERE TO PARTICIPATE POST YOUR ARTICLE & link to the linky we'd be sharing tomorrow thus linking to our posts. * ARE YOU READY? USE #Phonedetox in your social shares. #phonedetox #phoneaddiction #detoxchallenge #smartphone #sleepdeprivation #sleepdeprived #sleepingwithphone #nosmartphone #phoneradiation #badhabits #unhealthyhabits #healthylife #healthyhabits #disconnect

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So, we’d be pumped if you’d take this challenge up & join us in helping you overcome the habit of sleeping with your phone & everybody else who’s caught in the same cobweb.

Share your experience if you’re taking up the challenge or a story of yours as you struggled overcome the habit for good. Link up with us using the linky below:

Add this cool badge to your post & share it on all your social media handles with the #Phonedetox hashtag, visit others’ & share the motivation.


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