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Ah! Travel is an adrenaline rush. But what’s really a TASK that follows a trip plan is the packing part. Not to forget, after having a child, the entire packing episode takes a flip. And if you’re a mom, I feel you. Forgetting to pack a thing or two & realizing that when you’re halfway through your route to the airport or while checking in at the immigration counter feels HORRIBLE! Specially if what you’ve forgotten to pack is a skin care or beauty product. Imagine if it were so important & not having it during your trip would mean that you’d look different or simply mess with your skin. Right?

6 SKIN PRODUCTS to pack for traveling

Well, I feel proud to call myself a minimalist & likewise, I prefer owning only things that I just can’t do without. Especially with my skin, which is really sensitive. Therefore, I’m super picky & careful while selecting the product. I don’t believe much in brands but, yeah, checking out the CONTENT LIST & a PATCH TEST are a must for me.

What’s a PATCH TEST?

In simple terms, a patch test is a skin-allergy test. If you’re wary of trying a new skin care product or a cosmetic substance because of sensitive skin, going for a patch test is quite recommended. Generally, it’s a small patch of skin under & behind your ear that you do a patch test. You usually watch out for any allergic reactions to erupt within 24 hours. If they don’t, it’s considered safe to use.

So, while you totally brainstorm about the wardrobe you want to carry for your upcoming trip, I’d want to help you fix your travel skin care & beauty routine with a simple list of 5 basic skin care & beauty essentials you should pack while traveling.

1. Vaseline

Vaseline has been my Go-To skin care product since years. After 22 & perhaps with the prolonged teenage acne subsiding, my facial skin is otherwise quite dry. Specially my lips. During my teenage when I had extremely chapped lips, I fell for various lip balms, none of which could give me moist & smooth lips that lasted for more than 20-30 minutes. It was only when I saw a dermatologist that she suggested me this very common yet underrated product – VASELINE.

I use the original Vaseline PURE JELLY every day for my lips. And even when I travel, applying it twice a day (after bath & before bedtime) keeps my lips really soft, smooth & supple. I apply my matte lipstick over a film of Vaseline on my lips always.

I also remember developing small dry patches on the forehead around my hairline & under the eyes on prolonged sun exposure during all day beach picnics a few years ago. In that case, too, applying Vaseline jelly on those patches always helped.

I must say I’d be doomed if my Vaseline isn’t with me. πŸ™‚

2. A good Moisturizer – The #1 skin care thumb rule

For healthy skin care, a proper & regular moisturizing routine is a prerequisite. And since I have dry skin, I swear by the NEUTROGENA OIL FREE MOISTURIZER lotion for my face as my first protective layer on the skin whenever I’m outdoors.

For my palms, that are too dry & prone to eczema, I use the VENUSIA MAX cream.

6 basic skin care essentials to pack while traveling

3. A Primer

If you happen to wear a little heavy, but modest makeup, using a trusted makeup primer would be ideal. A primer acts just like a barrier between your tender, sensitive skin & the ingredients in the makeup product that could potentially tamper with it by entering the pores.

You’d have noticed that if your face is acne-prone, skipping the primer before applying foundation or concealer sometimes leads to breakouts. That’s quite a possibility.

For me, it’s the LAKME ABSOLUTE BLUR MAKEUP PRIMER. It works perfectly fine & helps the foundation (if I’m using one) blend without a trace.

4. A NON-OILY Sunscreen

Whenever it comes to sunscreens, I’ve been extra cautious so as NOT TO APPLY it on my face as I’ve always ended up looking like a whitewashed, glossy clown, having tried at least 6 different brands (I know, right? What a waste of money!)

So, with my face, instead of dedicating an entire sunscreen to it, I choose to wear a nice foundation with medium SPF range on top of my primer. The LAKME Invisible Finish SPF 8 foundation does a very decent job. So far, I haven’t got a tanned face with this.

I personally use the LAKME SUN EXPERT SPF 50 Sunscreen lotion for my necks, hands, legs & feet if I’m going to be around the beach or a relatively sunny part of the world! πŸ˜€

5. A Safe Eyeliner

Your eyes can look just magical with a fine line of an eyeliner. Eyeliners beautifully define your eyes & well, in my case, people at times, ask if I haven’t slept enough. πŸ˜€

Nevertheless, after horrible experiences with much branded eyeliners that probably led to corneal abrasion & subsequently erosion, I switched to a much safer eyeliner. I use the Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eyeliner & it has been a very good experience then.

6. Makeup Remover / Cleansing milk

NEVER go to sleep with your makeup on or just washing it with plain water. Makeup substances penetrate deep within the pores & may lead to infections, blackheads & whiteheads.

I’d highly recommend using a cotton swab soaked with cleansing milk to gently rub on your face to remove all the grime & makeup that had been on your face before bedtime. Wash your face with normal water & pat dry.I have been using the AYUR Herbal Cleansing Milk since more than 8 years & I just love the soft, refreshed & hydrated feel it gives my face after rubbing over it.

How simple is that list of skin care products for you to carry on a holiday; isn’t it?

What do you carry in your travel bag for your skin care routine? Do let me know in your comments.

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