This first week of the month has been truly a get-go for awareness on breastfeeding. I’ve been discussing breastfeeding challenges; then we had 4 doting blogger moms talk about their breastfeeding journey & today, we have the gorgeous model Shrima Rai on FitbeWell to share her thoughts on breastfeeding.

SHRIMA is a popular model who won the coveted Mrs. INDIA GLOBE title in 2009. She grew up in Philadelphia & is proud of her Mangalorean roots. Having accomplished quite a lot at her mainstream job as a banker, post marriage, she forayed into the glamorous modelling arena with her first ever stint at the Mrs.India Globe beauty pageant. That was THE move she made into the fashion world & there has been no looking back ever since.

Shrima Rai is not just a successful model, but is also a hands-on mother to two wonderful sons, aged 7 & 3, respectively. She’s also a blogger & knows how to balance work & children perfectly without any traces of compromise. So, that leaves her with no room for mommy-guilt. She blogs about lifestyle & fashion on her personal blog The Urban Unwind & shares some of her amazing tips on motherhood, workouts, Yoga & lots more.

SHRIMA RAI shares her thoughts on breastfeeding

And I feel so honored to be interviewing the wonderful Shrima Rai around this #WorldBreastfeedingWeek with us.

Here are a few questions that Shrima addressed along her own experience with breastfeeding her kids.

Shrima Rai with her kids FITBEWELL INTERVIEW

Shrima, what do you personally feel about extended breastfeeding?

I feel breast feeding is an amazing experience for a mother & child, and extended breast feeding is a decision which every mother has to take based on her individual situation.

Do you, in any way, attribute post-pregnancy weight loss to breastfeeding, as you mentioned both of your sons were breastfed for at least a year each?

In my case I had packed on a lot of weight even during breast feeding but that was the result of a high calorie diet. I have read that many woman experience weight loss with breast feeding too though.

How did you manage breastfeeding while working? (If you were on a break from work, please share a bit about it too!)

With both children the experience of breast feeding was very different. With my first born, I was working with Standards Chartered Bank and they had a wonderful 6 month maternity leave policy plus I was able to work from home. I was able to breastfeed mostly and occasionally pumped even in the office to ensure my supply wasn’t affected if I was away for a few hours. With the second baby, I was now a full time stay at home and blogger and so feeding the baby was easier yet difficult in terms of juggling both kids. It was exhausting at times, it is not easy and there were moments were I wanted to stop but I somehow managed a year with both children. We are lucky to have technology like breast pumps to help us too!

Shrima Rai Celebrity Mom model interview with FITBEWELL for breastfeeding journey

Did you have any challenges to breastfeeding? If yes, how did you overcome them?

Luckily no such problems.

Could you share a few weaning tips that might have worked for you?

Slowly do a staggered weaning off and have patience.

What would you specially want to tell about diet & lifestyle while breastfeeding for new moms? Did you take any special caution when you were breastfeeding your children?

I avoided any foods that I felt made the baby or me have stomach upsets. I also was on a high calorie diet but with lots of dry fruits and milk and generally had a healthy diet. I avoided caffeine for at least 6-7 months and limited the intake of caffeine till I was done breast feeding.

What would your best advise, rather words of wisdom/encouragement to new moms who may find breastfeeding very overwhelming & tiring?

It is overwhelming. It is exhausting at times. It can be challenging. BUT You can face all of this because you are a strong determined mother & you know how important it is for your child. Once that thought becomes your main priority it will work out. The months will run by & you will one day have faint memories of it all!
Shrima is a true inspiration to many women who find their career either stagnating or plummeting after having children. She always proves with her excellence at her dream career of modelling.
Thank you, so much, Shrima Rai, for this enlightening, heartening & gladsome interview with us. I shall always be indebted to your time & inputs.
Girl, isn’t that a huge motivation to your new journey to try to breastfeed your child as much your health lets you to, despite the several challenges that might creep in with each growing milestone?
I’d love to read your thoughts on this.
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