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The #InternationalMothersDay is around & I’m just too excited to get you this special roundup post, the first of what I hope to become many while we grow together as a community. For this Mother’s Day edition, I feel privileged to have had the participation of these absolutely brilliant veteran mommy bloggers.

Being a mother ain’t easy. A tonne of apprehension, undying love & care for your children. When juggling around the wellness of the family, your own health, career or passion is everything you call your mainstream job. Well, about why the onus of the household is on women only, is what I’d love to take up another day very soon. All this while being judged not just by your acquaintances, but more inconveniently, by your own conscience. Especially when you’re a guilt-ridden working mom!

I know many, just like you, will relate to this. So whether you’re a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM), Work-At-Home-Mom, an entrepreneur or a corporate professional, this one’s for you, baby!

And before I begin, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day (Although it’s not just ONE day that we deserve to be commemorated with!)

So here’s a quick list of some questions that resonate with every mother. And there couldn’t be a better fit than these wonderful mommies who’ve delved into their respective fields & always held the baton of motherhood with pride. I’m thankful to these amazing ladies who agreed to contribute to this roundup & share about how they balance parenting, health & passion like a PRO!

FitbeWell-Mother's Day Roundup with 5 Mom Bloggers

Well, I must say that their responses really swept me off my feet! Plus, I’m in awe of each of them for that & for answering some of our common mommy concerns. And I’m more than just thrilled to share them with you now.

So here are the questions:

  1. What has been your biggest parenting phenomenon so far?
  2. Do you have an overwhelming story of your tryst with health & about how you dealt with it? (Say, for instance, weight loss, birth story, post-partum depression, breastfeeding & weaning challenges)
  3. What has been a practically challenging aspect about being a mom so far?
  4. How do you balance work, health, home & your sanity? 🙂
  5. How do you connect with “Self-Care”? What is its importance in your life?
  6. How do your child(ren) inspire you with your work?
  7. Have you ever experienced the “Working mom” guilt? Or rather how do you put up with it?
  8. What has surprised you most as a mom? Recall a “Eureka!” moment or a “U-turn” moment 😀
  9. What has been your most cherished ‘Mother’s Day’ gift till date?
  10. Finally, what is that lifetime mommy advice you want to share with moms-to-be & new moms?

Rachna Parmar

RachnaParmar.com      Read Bio

Rachna Parmar - Mother's Day FitbeWell Roundup

  1. Raising a 16 year old & an almost 12 year old apart from being a pet parent is a pretty phenomenal ride with loads of ups and downs every single day.
  2. The most overwhelming aspect about being a parent for me was missing my mum in this journey. I have been pretty disciplined with my health & fitness & did not find it hard to lose the weight I gained during my pregnancies. I breastfed both my kids for up to a year & was lucky to get ample support from my husband & family.
  3. Managing the time & emotional element of parenting especially when I may be tired or overworked. Maintaining a full-time job is also quite a challenge along with parenting & managing a home.
  4. I don’t have any mantra to share here. I guess, each mum handles it differently. In my case, I am very open to seeking help when overwhelmed. I plan out my professional work in such a way that I can devote time to the kids in the evening. I cook daily & also workout regularly. So I make sure that I have time blocks to cater to all my chores, work and other activities. I also take time out for myself. Whether it is catching up with friends, watching stuff on Amazon Prime that I like or even a visit to the parlor. That keeps me sane and energized.
  5. I completely connect with self-care. I saw that as I got in my 30’s, I became more self-assured & self-directed. I realized I could only play the roles that I do when I take good care of my own self. How can I give when I am burnt out, tired or unhealthy? Hence the change to regularly exercising, paying attention to my own food habits and of course my me-time, indulgence in my hobbies and what makes me happy. The best part, I don’t feel guilty about it. I deserve it, of course. 🙂
  6. Well, I have an award-winning parenting blog & both my kids are the reason it exists. Not only that, both of them read every post that appears on my blog. We discuss them & they share their thoughts about it. I’m very grateful for their validation and support. They’re my worst critics & biggest motivators. I started my cooking blog because they wanted mum to write down the recipes they both enjoy so much. They also help me with taking pics or creating videos. And most of all, they’re very supportive when mum has to travel to attend events or work. There are many days when they come home & make their own snacks when I’m away on meetings. I love that they love my work so much.
  7. YES, I used to feel very guilty when the kids were younger. Leaving my 1-year-old in daycare & seeing his weepy face used to gut me. Luckily, my husband was very supportive & so was my family. Now that the kids are older, they totally brush away any thoughts of any kind of guilt. “Go, Mom” is what that they tell me. I think it is good to have working moms. That way kids get to be more independent and responsible.
  8. My own strength! Going through each pregnancy & labor, then raising the kids with bare minimum support. My mother passed away before my first child was born. My mother-in-law was a working lady so I had hardly any help even post-partum; so yes, that strength has surprised me in a way.
  9. My older son was born on Mother’s Day. Every year his birthday falls around Mother’s Day reminding me that I became a mum on that day. The best Mother’s Day gift, definitely 🙂
  10. Choose your own path. Don’t try to fit into stereotypes. Don’t try to be supermoms. Just try to do your best. It’s natural to make mistakes & trust me your kids will love you nonetheless. Also don’t hesitate to seek help.

Laura Nau

NauAndForever.com      Read Bio

Laura Nau - FitbeWell Mother's Day roundup post

  1. I never knew how much I could possibly love!
  2. I had a great twin pregnancy with no postpartum issues. After I delivered my most recent baby, I really struggled with postpartum anger. I never knew there was such a thing until I spoke with my OB. I was so ashamed, but she assured me that it was normal & with her help, I’ve been doing really well.
  3. Finding time for myself. I even have an audience for bathroom trips and showers! 🙂
  4. I have learned to give myself Grace. I am ONE person. If everything doesn’t get done, so what? The dishes & laundry will be there tomorrow. I turn to God when I’m struggling & realize that I wasn’t meant to do everything & I have to be okay with that.
  5. Self Care is so important. Be it a warm bath, grabbing coffee on my way to get groceries and sitting in the parking lot in silence, or a work out. Realizing that self care doesn’t have to be an elaborate thing has been very comforting.
  6. They are my inspiration. Having all girls has really inspired me to be a strong, confident, kind woman. I want them to love themselves & believe in themselves. That starts with ME!
  7. YES! I’m a work at home mom. The guilt is real. I just try to remind myself that they are a big reason why I do what I do. I want to have freedom so that I can be available to them when they go to school.
  8. There’s nothing that dry shampoo and sweet baby cuddles can’t solve.
  9. My first Mother’s Day started out as a disaster. But it ended with takeout on the living room floor with my little family watching Berenstain Bears. I will always remember that.
  10. Follow your gut. You know what’s best for your family. Not your neighbor. Not your sister. Not the lady in line at the grocery. They usually mean well, but no one knows your baby or babies like you do.

Prerna Sinha

MaaOfAllBlogs.com      Read Bio

Prerna Sinha - FitbeWell Mother's Day roundup post

  1. Kids are challenging & they understand you better than you understand them. I believe in discipline and organizing their lives but at times I give in & am transparent with them because if you handle them with logic and truth, they relate better.
  2. I think the reason I write so passionately for moms is because I still remember my struggles as a new mom. I first fought for months for sleep, then struggled with my kid feeding from one breast more and the other being swollen up. Once all that was settled, which practically took a year plus, only then I realized how much weight I had piled on. Also, my elder one used to fall ill very often & I hardly had anyone to ask questions. Mommy Facebook groups in India had not found their roots then. I was literally lost. I could only draw a balance in life by the time he turned 4.
  3. Everything is challenging. The kids today have Google for their questions. They also are a lot smarter & when they don’t want to listen to you, THEY JUST DON’T. We as kids knew our parent’s word was the last word but it gets challenging when they defy your authority at times. Plus every day you read how kids are stressed & kind of things they hide from parents so keeping a balance between being a strict parent and a friend has been very challenging for me.
  4. By keeping a schedule & a lot of advanced planning.
  5. Being happy has almost been my mantra. While I love my family and my kids, I give myself importance too. I take out time for my fitness regime & relaxation too. Once a year, I also like to travel without my family & my kids which helps me connect to my inner self; & such breaks always rejuvenate me.
  6. My kids are way more creative & tech savvy than me. They come up with ideas & sometimes even shoot & edit their own videos & give me content.
  7. When I worked in a corporate job, I had to leave my kid with the househelp as I had no family support. I used to never be at peace. There were hardly any good day cares then. So finally, I left my job to be at peace with my kids. I reinvented myself as a blogger & work-at-home mom. Today I balance home & work on my own terms.
  8. Realizing reverse psychology works so well with my elder one. Last year, when I wanted him to go for a trek, I started by telling him how he will never enjoy it & it would be tough for him. In no time, he agreed to it as he believed that it was a challenge I was throwing at him. This was my ‘Eureka!’ moment.
  9. My elder one is a shy child & seldom displays his emotion. So when he made me a card with his younger brother telling me how much he loved me, it was the loveliest Mother’s Day gift ever!
  10. Motherhood can be overwhelming. So, be easy on yourself. No one is born a mother, you will learn on the job & never forget to take time out for yourself. A happy you will make a happy mom! 🙂

Liane W

TalesOfaScrunchyMom.com      Read Bio

Liane - FitbeWell Mother's Day roundup post

  1. I’ve been a mom for 15 years now, so there have been many wins over the years, some big & most small. As a someone who values a relationship with my Creator, I would say watching my children also draw close to God, have a close friendship with him & apply Biblical principles has been the most rewarding “phenomenon” so far. It has truly made a positive difference in their behavior & personalities.
  2. I’ve been blessed with a relatively good health but I attribute this to my focus on holistic living for the past 10 years. Before I starting eating a whole food plant based diet, exercising regularly & incorporating stress management techniques (such as EFT and meditation), I had extra weight to lose (I gained 50lbs with my first pregnancy), acne, IBS, body dysmorphia & mild depression. Within a few weeks of making over my diet & taking quality supplements, things began to dramatically change. I no longer suffer from any of those former challenges. Maintaining these lifestyle changes makes it easy for me to keep weight off & enjoy vibrant health.
  3. So, so many things! LOL. One of them being that just when I think I’ve something figured out, my kids go & move on the next stage of their development. Another challenging aspect of motherhood, is learning to find a balance between caring for my needs & that of my family.
  4. This is an ongoing challenge for me (as it, probably, is for most moms). It has become easier as my kids are growing. Now that they’re at the tween & teen stage, they’re able to help around the house more, take on additional personal responsibility & are old enough to understand & respect my “mom time”. Having a schedule (including alarms on my phone to remind me) for cleaning my home, exercise, planning meals & incorporating self-care practices really helps. I’m not always perfect about sticking to it 100%, but just having an outline of what needs to be done each day keeps me on track & cuts down on the overwhelm.
  5. Self-care is absolutely essential to my sanity! I’m an introvert, so having regular periods of alone time is a must. I get super fatigued if I can’t take time *daily* to enjoy sweet, sweet silence & think my own thoughts. Favorite self-care activities include reading, journaling, meditation & detox baths. When my kids were little, I took full advantage of nap times & time in the evenings after they went to bed to do refreshing things I enjoyed. I also asked for help from mom, sister & hubby whenever needed. As they got older, I taught my kids to respect each other’s & my space. They began to understand boundaries, that there were times I was 100% available to them & times they would need to exercise more independence or be patient and wait. (Easier said than done though!).
  6. I work from home as a virtual bookkeeper/assistant and run my health and wellness blog. Remembering that I am an example to my children in the realm of health & wellness is very motivating for me to keep up healthy habits. It’s so great to see my kids make healthy choices on their own. They’re both pretty active kids & my daughter in particular enjoys eating fresh whole foods. (My teenage son on the other hand is another story *sigh*)
  7. When my son was 18 months, our financial situation demanded I go back to work. I hated it! I wanted to be home with him but I was at least fortunate to have family members who could watch him. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I was determined to stay home with her longer & worked out budget so that I could be so until she was 4. By the time I was working full-time, both my kids were in school anyway. I prioritize time with them by scheduling regular mommy-daughter/son date days and we do our best to eat dinner around the table as a family most nights. Make the most of the time you have together!
  8. That everything my mom told me when I was a kid about being a mother was right! (“Just wait until you’re a mom, you’ll see…”) We’re all going to make mistakes with our kids & wished we had handled situations better. But at least, with my own mother, those mistakes were soon forgiven. It was the over-arching love & effort I felt from my mother each & every day that built a strong relationship with her. You don’t have to be the perfect parent, you just have to consistently show up & give it your best!
  9. We don’t do big Mother’s Day celebrations (mothers should be appreciated every day!), but I always enjoy the sweet cards & gifts my children have made in school for me over the years. Seeing their thoughts & feelings written down in their own words is so heartwarming!
  10. Try not to obsess or worry constantly! (Notice I said *try* LOL) Take a deep breath & just enjoy the every day moments with your kids. Time flies by so fast; don’t waste it taking yourself or your kids too seriously.

Divya Vijayan Goel

CageYourAge.com      Read Bio

Divya Goel - FitbeWell Mother's Day roundup post

  1. Everyday holds new adventures for me. When they were babies, I couldn’t wait for them to grow up. And now when they have grown taller than me, I miss cradling them in my arms!
  2. My younger daughter was born premature ( 34 weeks ), and was taken straight away to the NICU after my C-section (general anesthesia). I never got to see her at all. It was only on the 3rdday that I was allowed to see her for the first time. Those 3 days were hell for me. And the sights & sounds at the NICU completely blew me away. I almost fainted seeing a swarm of premature babies in boxes around me.
  3. As my girls are growing into little women, I’m finding it hard to shield them from the big bad world. So many things & people to protect them from – molesters, social media, drugs & alcohol, bad peer groups. The list is ENDLESS!
  4. I took a break from my full time job when I got pregnant & that break has gone on for a good 12 years! Almost everyday there is a moment I feel like giving up everything & hiding in a cave. Since a cave is not possible, I just take time out for myself in whichever way possible- ALONE !
  5. Self care is very important to me. And I’m not apologetic about it; no woman should be. I eat as soon as I’m hungry not waiting for my husband/children first. I take time out to exercise regardless of who is at home. I go out with my friends. Mindless chatter is a relief sometimes .
  6. They constantly inspire me. My elder daughter especially is very receptive to her surroundings & always gives me story ideas for my blog features.
  8. When I started using the same dialogues I heard as a child from my mom. 🙂 One of them, especially, is “Money doesn’t grow on trees“. I use it at least once a week with my kids. LOL. I never thought I’d turn into my mom! 😉
  9. Honestly, I don’t believe in any of these Hallmark created days. We didn’t grow up with them. But it’s definitely sweet when my girls make hand made Mother’s Day cards for me with something special written inside. I don’t discard a single one. I have stored each of them.
  10. Please don’t stress about each & every thing. Learn to relax & LET GO. If you are fine so will your child be. And do sleep well when you are pregnant, because once the baby is out, you can say goodbye to normal sleep hours or sleeping in for a good two to three years!

A big, fat THANK YOU & Happy Mother’s Day to all these beautiful mothers for having made time to be a part of this Mothers’ Day roundup.

And here’s me wishing you a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Cheers to your parenting genius!

Let’s celebrate this Mother’s Day by raising a toast to our health & fitness, & resolving to lots of SELF-CARE!

Please leave me a comment below about your thoughts & feedback on this post.

Also let me know which other questions & you’d want to see an expert roundup focus on.

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