The Indian list of desserts has always been an overwhelming & mindblowing one that can send anyone into a food coma. By the way, dates, which have been native to the Arabian lands, are quite an integral part of the Indian cuisine too. Desserts, puddings, cakes, cookies or along with a hundred other beautiful renditions of this amazing fruit. The versatility of dates accompanied by its incredible sweetness makes it the PERFECT choice for making sweets of any variety. With this recipe, I want to share with you this insanely easy, healthy & delicious recipe to make the DATES HALWA (Dates Pudding).

Instant, No-sugar Dates Halwa recipe

Dates: the cultural rendition

Well, I don’t know whether it’s about the initial years of my life that I spent in the Gulf or my mom’s constant cajoling throughout my childhood, I’ve had an eternal romance with the date, much before I actually went on one! ;-D I know, the pun is bad!

This quick & simple DATES HALWA is very much a common dish during Ramadan at Iftar, and I’ve been fond of it ever since my friends used to share it with me. Conventionally, this Halwa makes use of generous amounts of ghee & a delectably unbeatable dash of chopped dry fruits & nuts.

However, since this is quite a regular preparation at my home, I mostly prefer to keep it really easy, minimal & quick-fix!

You can check out the video recipe here.

Dates Halwa : How healthy is it?

I have an insane sweet tooth & hence this halwa is my darling. 🙂 It’s also my go-to post-workout snack, if at all, something sweet is what I want to have then. Most of the time, I choose to make this in a big batch yielding at least 300g of the Halwa to store with refrigeration.

Dates are a package of nutrients and are very filling at the same time. Here are a few health benefits of dates, which need NOT be ignored by people with Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) either.

Of course, dates are as high on calories as much a nutrition bomb they are. Hence, moderation should be the key whenever you’re about to have this. Specially if you are looking at fat loss.

Here’s a look at the main health benefits of dates.

Health benefits of dates

Dates Halwa: The Recipe

So, here’s how to make Instant & Sugar-free Dates Halwa in less than 10 minutes.

Sugar-free Dates Halwa recipe
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How to make Instant & Easy Dates Halwa recipe | Sugar-free Khajoor Halwa

If you love sweets but want to keep away from refined sugar, this dates halwa is for you. Typically a Ramadan dish, perfect for a post-workout snack, dessert and even baby food, it oozes taste & nutrition. And you can make this in a jiffy!

Course Dessert
Cuisine Arabian, Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Servings 2
Author Ashvini Naik


  • 250 g Dates of soft variety
  • ¼ tsp Cardamom powder
  • ¾ tbsp Ghee
  • 1 tbsp halved cashewnuts you could replace with or add other nuts of your choice


  1. Soak the dates in hot water for about 10-15 minutes.

    Soak dates in hot water to make dates halwa
  2. Blend the soaked the dates in a blender to get a fine puree.

  3. To a saucepan, add the ghee.

  4. Pour the dates puree & start stirring on a slightly high flame. Continue for about 2-3 minutes the same way.

    pour the dates paste into the pan to make khajoor halwa
  5. Add the chopped cashewnuts & mix well.

    Add nuts to while stirring the dates halwa
  6. Depending on the sweetness of the dates you're using, you may add jaggery powder or coconut sugar at this point. I added a bit of the former here.

  7. Add the cardamom powder & start mixing fast on a medium flame.

  8. As the mixture starts becoming gooey now, you can lower the flame.

  9. Keep stirring & scrape the halwa off the sides should they stick.

    Keep mixing this you get this halwa consistency
  10. Switch the flame off. Your Dates Halwa is ready to serve.

    Khajoor Halwa kaise banaye

Recipe Notes

  1. If you want to store this halwa in a bigger quantity, after cooling, transfer it into an air tight container & refrigerate. It stays fresh for about 10 days. Use a clean & dry spoon to scoop it out everytime.
  2. If you like the flavor, you may add cinnamon powder to the halwa while adding cardamom.


Making Quick & sugar-free Dates halwa

Making Barfis/Fudge out of the Dates Halwa

You can take the Halwa further by making a fudge or Barfi out of it. I personally prefer it this way though. To do that, you would need to spread it evenly in a mould, freeze it for about 4 hours & then cut them into shapes of your choice.

What I love about desserts made with naturally sweet dry fruits or fruits is that they’re usually safe for infants too (sans the nuts, of course!).

Dates have been integral to my diet, specially since the past 1.5 years ever since I quit refined sugar. I include them in my overnight oats, making almond milk, energy balls (laddoos), sheer khurma & lots of other fine food that I can enjoy without any guilt. 🙂

To make this halwa, if you have Mejdool dates handy, they’d be the best pick as their sweetness is just unbeatable. I used dates of Lion dates Arabian variety here.

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