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It’s winter already in India & this most popular fruit of the season is here! The Indian gooseberry, better known as AMLA is one of the healthiest bounties that the Indian subcontinent enjoys through its winters. Gooseberries have a seducing tangy & sweet flavor that lingers in your mouth when you bite into a raw one. It’s that fruity and oozes a unique burst of taste that most people would really relish. Here, I share my mom’s AMLA JAM (or rather preserve) RECIPE which uses only natural and unrefined sweeteners.

Tasty refined Sugar-free AMLA JAM recipe

I’m also pumped to show you how I modify the jam further to roll out AMLA POPS that would thoroughly entice your children. My daughter is full of awe of these beauties and keeps asking for a top-up real fast.

Here’s a quick VIDEO RECIPE that I uploaded on my YouTube channel FITBEWELL RECIPES fairly recently. Do Subscribe, if you haven’t yet! 🙂

About choosing the right kind of Gooseberries

Although all varieties of AMLA are pretty much similar, we usually select the Chakalya variety that includes large gooseberries & do not generally bear stripes to make this Amla jam.

Choosing the suitable gooseberry variety to make amla jam and amla pops

The other varieties are more favorable for making Amla candies or MURABBA (fluidy preserves).

Nevertheless, whichever variety of gooseberry you choose, make sure that it’s all firm & fresh.

This super-easy AMLA JAM requires just 4 basic ingredients:

  1. Gooseberries
  2. Jaggery
  3. Dates
  4. Cardamom powder

What’s healthy about this AMLA JAM?

Rich in Vitamin C, the Indian gooseberry is a superfood that suits all people, irrespective of their health condition. This way of preserving gooseberries is extremely nutrient-dense & packed with irresistible flavors that can be enjoyed without any guilt.

If you’re someone who is concerned about limiting calories, this makes a good choice as a tasty accompaniment with your breakfast staples or even as a dessert for your sweet tooth.

More so, using dates reduces the dependence on adding extra sweetener to the making of this jam. I used dates of Lion dates Arabian variety here. Dates are equally packed with the goodness of health albeit with a few calories, if consumed beyond moderation.

You can enjoy this gooseberry jam with parathas, dosas, rotis & even bread. Or relish as a dessert. It’s versatile.

Instant Healthy AMLA JAM & AMLA POPS recipe without refined sugar

Here's a super-healthy way to make AMLA JAM (preserve) & AMLA POPS that your kids will love to have anytime. With refrigeration, this stays fresh & yummy for at least 5-6 weeks. This jam does not use any refined ingredients & is full of nutrition that accompanies the Indian gooseberry.

Course Dessert, Side Dish
Cuisine Indian
Keyword amla jam, amla ka murabba, amla pops, amla recipes, nellikayi, nellikayi jam
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 300 grams
Author Ashvini Naik


  • 350 g Amla Boiled for 10-12 minutes
  • 7 Dates soaked
  • 150 g Jaggery either grated or powdered
  • 2 pods Cardamom
  • 7 Cashewnuts
  • 2.5 tbsp Ghee
  • 2 tbsp Water optional


  1. De-seed all the gooseberries & cut them into smaller pieces.

    Deseeding amla for making amla jam
  2. Except for the cardamom & cashews, blend all the ingredients into a fine puree.

    Grind all ingredients to make gooseberry jam
  3. In a kadhai/wok, heat the ghee & add the cashews.

  4. As the cashews start to turn brown, add the pureed mixture to the kadhai. Start stirring slowly.

    Heat kadhai & pour the amla mixture into it
  5. Keep stirring steadily & ensure the mixture doesn't burn at the bottom.

  6. The mixture gradually starts to thicken in consistency. Add the cardamom powder at this moment.

  7. Continue to mix well & vigorously as the thickening process becomes fast now.

  8. When a jam-like consistency is achieved, put off the flame & wait for this jam to cool.

  9. Your AMLA JAM is ready to be served as a side or stored in a glass container.

  10. Store refrigerated.

  11. For making the AMLA POPS, heat the jam further until it becomes solid & mouldable.

    Sugar-free AMLA POPS for kids
  12. After this mixture cools down, make small balls out of them.

  13. Affix these to pop-sticks & serve.

Recipe Notes

  1. If you do not like the presence of cashews or ghee, you may completely skip these two ingredients. I have tailored this recipe according to my preference. If you’re skipping ghee, try to use a non-stick pan instead as the chances of the mixture sticking to the bottom are greater in that case.
  2. Always store the jam in an air-tight glass container. To keep using it for a longer time, refrigerate after scooping your servings out of the jar.
  3. You can customize your jam by using either of the jaggery or dates, according to your preference of sweetness.
  4. If you like cinnamon, this jam tastes equally fantastic with a dash of cinnamon powder.
Healthy, Yummy & instant AMLA POPS for kids (Gooseberry balls)

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So, what do you think of this recipe? Do let me know in the comments how this winter delight turns out for you. Also, do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel FITBEWELL RECIPES.

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