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Ho, ho, ho! & it’s going to be Christmas time again!

Lustrous star lights, candy canes, carols, the fragrant rose cookies, sugar-laden dumplings permeating the air & memorable goodies. The winters, undoubtedly, are a hit about Christmas no matter which part of the world we’re in. ‘Tis the season to be jolly & we just can’t wait for the year to roll over very soon. Can we?

And it’s definitely hard to contain our excitement about the holidays, the potlucks & every festivity, be it home or a getaway. Christmas is around the corner & we’re already decking up our homes & offices with Christmas trees & bells.

And so is our frenemy – Overindulgence. Well, I’m only talking about food here. ‘Coz overindulgence with happiness will only help you make memories to live by. But, hey, watch out! A food coma can send you into a delirium about your body & state of mind. While almost every festival around the globe is marked with delectably enterprising food, Christmas celebrations go on up to the the new year, thus giving us a continuum of jollity. Of course, with a hue of complacence.


Our savior happens to be the silly affirmation we give ourselves about undoing all the overeating & drinking. Stocked up food never seems to finish & there we ponder about how we can plan the healthiest Christmas the next year. And then “Better luck next time” just seems to fly in your face while you emotionally clean your hangover up.

Well, if that’s YOU before every year ends, here’s a powerful list of 8 ways to prevent bulging waistlines this Christmas.

1. Deck up your Christmas home yourself

Christmas decorations

Get more into decorating the place yourself rather than buying ready made stuff, be it a Christmas crib or tree, or both. Festivity scenes resplendent with the decoration episodes, which revolve less around the eating escapades bring people more closer. The fun element about admiring one’s crafty work beats any urge to taste the season only in terms of food. This could be a massive distraction from overindulgence & a stress-buster too! Not to mention, most of our table manners are purely of emotional nature & often have little to do with appetite.

2. Maintenance Mode, ON!

weight maintenance during Christmas

No, we’re NOT asking you to relinquish any fun that comes along with Christmas. While you’ve been on a weight loss mission or working out for a toned physique the whole year (since your new year resolution, maybe! *wink*), this time of the year should be a maintenance mode. Don’t miss out on exercise ‘coz you’re at home. Think realistic as celebrations in chains won’t help much in losing pounds. However, strategize towards not putting on some instead!

3. Wholesome Christmas breakfasts

healthy eating at Christmas

The breakfast is known to us as the jumbo meal of the day. So, just make it one! Start the day with a meal filled with cereals & if possible, boiled eggs. Eggs specially in the boiled form over the scrambled version keep you satiated & full for the rest of the day, which stamps out your chances of devouring your other meals like that on the Doomsday! In fact, eggs are always a healthy breakfast option rich in proteins required to curb unnatural hunger & remain activated throughout the day.

4. Hydration is the key

Stay well hydrated

Weight issues, be they about shedding kilos or maintaining a steady one, have a lot to do with water intake. Those puffy faces, swollen eyelids & our extra heavy selves on the weighing scales are nothing but a result of water retention. When we don’t have enough water to offer ourselves, our body gets greedy to retain water in areas that we wished were never meant to be. Hence, drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will help flush toxins faster than usual.

5. Snack Up!

tips for christmas snacks

Try to have a whole fruit before you head for the party. This will give you enough chance to rev up your metabolism, which may otherwise fall prey to a splurge mode. Going to a party on a totally empty stomach is an invite to explosion from pigging out. Avoid creamy, high fat dips & sugary drinks that are high on sodium & empty calories. Enjoy the chicken or turkey, which is again a rich source of lean proteins to get you full for the creamy cakes, pretzels & heavy sausages.

6. Thou shall be responsible

Responsible drinking

Oops! Did I just sound like the surrogate ads that cram your TV as the evening sets in, but never say the word? Well, yes. Wine & beer are all over the flavor of Christmas holidays. Nevertheless, vow to stay sane & responsible. I’ve got this darling friend who tips about having not more than 1 or 2 servings of a drink at an occasion. She also recommends to finish a glass before topping it up. That way you’d know how much you’ve been drinking. Because, hangovers are not something that we’d love to wake up with. Would we?

7. Dance the night away

Christmas dance

Oh, nothing can be much fulfilling than a waltz or even some freestyle dancing with loved ones over the Christmas eve. Dancing boosts the body activity, relaxes the mind & sends you into a euphoria; something that even a drink may fail to do.

8. Share your joy

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This festive season, don’t hold back. Don’t STOCK UP your fridge or the kitchen cabinets. Share the sweets, or even the left overs with the less privileged. Blessings & gratitude are priceless. But guilt is not. Mulling over what you shouldn’t have stocked up or wasted is only going to make you sulk until the next year.

So, raise a toast to a guilt-free beginning to this new year! Make resolutions a passé this new year.

Bon Appétit!

Here’s me wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance!

Do let us know about your Christmas delicacies in the comments section. If you’re all the more glad to submit recipes of your favorite healthy Christmas dishes, please contact me via e-mail. Roll over to the Contact Page. They shall be featured in the FOOD category.

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