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Another summer has arrived after a really tasking summer we spent indoors last year! And I’m pumped to share with you some more of my favorite, healthy yet EASIEST SUMMER RECIPES. The yummy and humble Frozen Yogurt, A.K.A, FROYO. And then my best-loved Iced Coffee versions! Nevertheless, these scrummy recipes usher with them, the beautiful essence of Bolt Cold Brew Coffee!

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Summer & the avoidable Sugar deal

Well, homemade Dahi / Yogurt is something that I never tire of experimenting with, and it has always been part of my diet. Snack or meal or dessert, it’s my muse!

Rich in probiotics, calcium & vitamins, it’s one dairy product that is irrefutably one of the healthiest options one can think of including in his/her diet in order to improve digestive & bone health along with immunity.

And that also calls for bringing out some really easy-peasy summer treats using yogurt/dahi.

More so, if you are prone to acne like me, I’d sincerely suggest you to not cut down on yogurt & buttermilk, as these are low on lactose and do not dominantly trigger acne, if dairy does trigger it.

Coming to ice creams, a lot of us are now aware of the amount of fat content in the form of cream or other chemical thickeners that go into the store-bought ones. Hence, I mostly stick to just one brand or make my own ice-cream.

And Oh! I’ve never been a fan of lattes and frapuccinos except for the classic cup of filter coffee that we are served in Bangalore homes & hotels. But these two always cheer me up on a glum day.

A small cup of instant coffee sweetened with jaggery and my homemade Iced Coffee. Well, while my better half loves the no-milk version of Iced coffee, I’m crazy about having iced coffee with coconut milk instead of the regular milk.

Cold Brew Coffee & the Bolt Cold Brew shots

Oh, BTW, let me tell you more about the Bolt Cold Brew Coffee shots that I have used in making these soothing & absolutely yummy cold summer treats.

Bold cold brew shots

Generally, Cold brew coffee is prepared by brewing coffee beans at cold/room temperature water for at least 12 hours. This creates a rich & fervent flavor. And that also makes it extremely low on calories & less acidic on your stomach unlike a regular caffeine beverage. All the more, this process makes it naturally less bitter too, thereby reducing your dependence on adding heavy sweeteners or added artificial sugars to the coffee itself.

So, you can safely trust making these tasty, calming summer drinks and dessert while thanking yourself for being a coffee-lover.

These don’t just suit your affinity with caffeine, but also are welcome and healthy metabolism boosters, satisfying your sweet tooth sans any guilt.

Here you go with the first recipe.

Cold Brew Frozen Yogurt

While ice-creams and tarts could be the first thing you’d usually plunge into during summers for dessert, I would always suggest you to try making your own versions of frozen yogurt; either flavored with your favorite essence or fruit. No sugar needed, as long as you have some unrefined sweetener with you. Trust me, it satisfies your sweet cravings & is also a healthy & nourishing snack at the same time.

Here’s a quick video of the recipe on my channel.

Sugar-free Frozen Yogurt with Bold Cold Brew shots

Refreshing and wholesome tasty FroYo coffi-fied with Cold Brew coffee with honey & mild flavors in perfect proportions to lift your summers up.

Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American, Indian
Keyword cold brew coffee, Frozen Yogurt, pre-workout foods, sugar-free desserts, summer desserts, summer foods, weightloss recipes
Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 2 minutes


  • 200 ml Yogurt/Homemade Curd
  • 20 ml Cold Brew coffee / concentrate
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • Cinnamon powder just a pinch
  • Cherries for garnish
  • Dark chocolate grated


  1. In a bowl, mix all the above ingredients & stir really well. You can also use a mixer to do this if you desire a really smooth consistency after the yogurt freezes.

  2. Freeze for at least 2 hours.

  3. Wait for the edges to loosen after 3 to 4 minutes.

  4. Unmould & serve with grated dark chocolate & cherry.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Instant & sugar-free cold brew iced coffee

It’s interesting to acknowledge that the fan base of coffee is almost divided into 2 clans; one, that likes the flavor of coffee no matter where it’s infused. The other is skeptic about anything other than that connotative clssic mug of hot coffee.

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Nevertheless, given how smooth & naturally less bitter cold brew coffee tastes, Iced coffee made with it is surely a drink that even the skeptics will love!

Sugar-free vegan Cold brew coffee Iced coffee

So, instead of spending a crazy amount at expensive cafes for sugar-laden versions of iced coffee, here’s how you can make your own at home within minutes! And I bet you’d love the ‘milk’ version more with any plant-based milk than the dairy milk.

Here’s a video of this recipe.

Instant Refreshing Vegan Iced Coffee with Cold brew Coffee

Make this amazingly smooth & sweet iced coffee in less than 2 minutes using Bolt cold brew coffee shots. Perfect for summers, great for pre-workout and post-workout routine and your love for coffee.

Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Keyword bolt cold brew shots, cold brew coffee, cold coffee, iced coffee, pre workout drinks, pre workout snacks, Summer drinks, summer recipes, vegan coffee, vegan drinks, weight loss drinks
Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 2 glasses


  • 20 ml Cold Brew coffee
  • Ice cubes as per preference
  • 2 tbsp Honey
  • 400 ml Water
  • 300 ml Coconut milk for the milky version


  1. For the black coffee version, mix all the ingredients except for the coconut milk.

  2. For the milky version, mix all the ingredients except for water.

  3. Serve chilled.

    Instant Iced coffee sugar-free with cold brew coffee

Recipe Notes

You may use any plant-based milk for the milky version of this Iced coffee. As compared to other plant milk varieties, coconut milk is a little more naturally sweet.

Well, I first tried these Bolt Cold Brew coffee concentrate shots about 3 months ago. These come in 6 different flavors, rather essences, which are Coffee Toffee, Blew Berry, Vivid Vanilla, Loopy Lemon, Double Mocha & Pure Black. Honestly, I would any day reserve Pure Black to go with a regular coffee decoction. But all the other flavors are totally impressive. In fact, Blew Berry and Vivid Vanilla are an absolute favorite of mine! 🙂

Bolt cold brew coffee shots 6 flavors

These shots are portable and if you’re someone who carries pre- or post-workout snacks to the gym, this can be a great choice too. However, I always prefer to use these shots in my desserts or drinks.

If you wish to buy & try these wonderful coffee shots, check out these Bolt Cold Brew shots.

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking it, I earn a tiny commission at no extra cost to you. If you do, I’m all thanks! 🙂 You can read my full disclosure.

This is a sponsored post. However, all views & opinions expressed here are my honest description of the product. I do not and have never endorsed products or services that I haven’t personally liked or experienced.

While a sultry summer awaits you, do try indulging in these delightfully tasty & healthy treats which do not spike your calorie consumption nor make you guilty anytime!

So, what are you trying this summer? Are you going to try the frozen yogurt and the iced coffee? 🙂

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