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Uh-huh? You’ve already kept your Holi colors & siphons ready & colors are already in the air.

Today, to envelope your Holi celebrations with the most tasty & healthy flavors, here’s my first blog post over a recipe! Here’s Carrot Kheer or Carrot Payasam for you, which is very much a part of the Indian cuisine. OH! If you say that my recipe to making turmeric tea was the first; well, that wasn’t a full-fledged recipe to a main course meal, starter nor a dessert, but for a healthy weight loss.


And before I could dive over & over again into the finest descriptions about the taste of the carrot kheer, here’s what you could know about the goodies it comes with. So, take a look, honey! 🙂

What’s healthy about it?

Carrots – Carrots are great for your heart, skin & eyes for the amount of anti-oxidants, beta-carotene & vitamin A in them. They are less fattening as compared to the other common main ingredients into kheer/payasam varieties. That’s because carrots are known to fight bad cholesterol & therefore, digest fat well. All the more, carrots also protect one from cancer.

Pistachio seeds – Apart from being irresistibly tasty to crunch upon, pistachio or pista seeds are good in terms of blood pressure & sugar. These also are a great deal for people trying to lose weight as they fight cholesterol. Pistachio seeds, most significantly, are rich in proteins & low on calories.

Cashewnuts – Cashewnuts are a powerhouse of vitamins & are high in fiber. Contrary to the belief that these promote fat gain, they are indeed a perfect example of ‘good fat’.

Ghee – Ghee promotes a healthy weight loss, provides satiety & contains lots of fat-soluble vitamins, while adding to taste.

What’s absolutely great about it?

You can give this carrot kheer to your baby as young as 6 months! Doesn’t that make you more happy & excited?

So, let’s head over to the recipe!

How to make Carrot Kheer/Payasam?

Preparation Time:   10 minutes

Cooking Time      : 10  minutes

Serves                    : 5-6


Carrots                               – 500 grams
Pasteurized milk           – 1 litre or 750ml (based on your consistency choice)
Sugar                                – 6-7 tablespoons
Ghee                                     – 3 tablespoons
Soaked Cashewnuts    – 10-12 nos.

Pistachio seeds               – 12-14 nos.

Powdered Cardamom – 1 teaspoon


  1. Soak cashewnuts in lukewarm water for about 10 minutes. Also, peel the washed carrots & put them for boiling. I normally boil them in the pressure cooker; so that makes it faster.
  2. Rinse the water from the carrots & set them to cool. Or you could just place them under the fan.
  3. Chop the boiled carrots & add them into the blender jar. At the same time, add the soaked cashewnuts to the blender too, to make a smooth blend looking like this. Cashewnuts add a lot of natural sweetness to the carrot paste, thereby reducing the need for sugar required later.Carrot Kheer paste-1
  4. In a wok or a kadhai, add ghee. Wait for it to warm for about 5-10 seconds before adding the carrot-cashew paste. Add a little water if you do not want a thick consistency for the carrot kheer.Carrot Kheer - ghee
  5. Add milk & keep stirring so as not to get the bottom burnt.Carrot kheer paste added to wok
  6. Wait for a slight simmer before adding sugar.carrot kheer add milk
  7. Stir further while adding the cardamom powder.carrot kheer-cardamom powder
  8. Wait for the kheer to come to a boil.
  9. Wait for it to cool before serving as you hold your temptations back 😉 The hot version may not be as appealing as the warmer or chilled one.
  10. Garnish with the ground pistachio seeds. You could grind the seeds to either form a coarse or fine powder, depending upon your liking.CARROT KHEER RECIPE

You’re all set for your Holi dessert.


Let me know how you’re going to relish the kheer this festive season in the comments.

Here’s me wishing you & your family a very happy & enjoyable HOLI!

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