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If you’ve loved my content on the blog so far, we could get a step further to create something amazingly interesting & valuable for my readers. I’ve always conferred on providing useful information for my audience & if you too share the same thought, we could certainly collaborate.

Sounds good? Then head over to the following queries you may have at the moment over this:

Do you accept guest posts on your blog?

Of course, I do! I accept guest posts only relevant to my niche, vis-à-vis fitness, health & parenting. If you can write something really nice along the same lines that can be useful for my readers, why wait? Go ahead & submit your request to me at ashvinignaik@fitbewell.com

However, I may not be really zen with articles unfittingly written & submitted only for backlinks. Because meaningful & quality content is what I will always stand for.

Do you write guest posts? If yes, can I read yours?

YES. I’m open to writing guest posts & here are the recent ones that I wrote:

Cold and cough in children : 9 Top Foods to Ban Antibiotic Resistance

Why Packaged Fruit Juices are Bad for You

Fitness for Kids: 6 ways to ensure they adapt it for life

How to Teach your Your Kid about Money

3 Kickass YOGA postures to calm your PMS

5 Natural Home remedies for Diarrhoea in Kids

Do you write product/service reviews?

I’m open to writing reviews for products that I use or have used myself. I shall review the item honestly in terms of its pros & cons, without expressing unbalanced inclination towards the positive aspects only. And this will fall under Sponsored Posts, which will have to be compensated accordingly.

Please reach out to me on my email address for product reviews.

You’re most welcome to send across products for review, which will lie in the scope of mutual understanding about my above stand.

Is there still something you want to ask? 🙂 Feel free to shoot me an email at:

ashvinignaik (at) fitbewell (dot) com


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