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Most of us seem so done with several emotionally exhausting scripts of sitcoms & movies. We just watch & then forget about them. Don’t we? But there’s this special something about food shows that lingers not just on our tongues (if we really try the recipes!), but also in our culinary memory or notepads. And here’s what I really have to talk about the amazing cooking show, FAMILY FOOD FIGHT AUSTRALIA.


Flashback to a week ago, my daughter was over the moon after having ‘instructed’ me to make a tomato-cucumber sandwich from her school activity book. Boy! I was surprised when I was thinking what to do with with the few slices left from the husband’s choicest wheat bread loaf. And there she interjected to go ahead with this sandwich. Here’s that page from her book, by the way. 🙂

Kids' Cooking instructions. FAMILY FOOD FIGHT

No, it doesn’t just stop at me & her. My husband, too, is more than keen to try most of the non-vegetarian dishes he stumbles over on TV.

Now, why I say all this is because over the years, I’ve seen how families bond so well over food, especially when there’s a quick, interesting & easy-to-follow scenario to it. Food shows have ushered in an age of bringing the best styles of cooking methods, maneuvering & cuisines with the concept of competition in comparison to the classic monologue of the chef/host. And Family Food Fight is just like one of those loved picks.

The show is an Australian cooking show judged by Paul Merrett and Amanda Lamb for the current season. The 1st season was won by the Lebanese-Australian Shahrouk sisters from Sydney & they bagged home the whopping $100,000 as the prize money.

What makes Family Food Fight Australia such a Must-Watch

What interests me about this show is that just like the Good Food America, Chasing the Yum & The Chef’s Line, we can cherish, learn & reinvent many of our cooking techniques, which often need to be finished in a jiffy. Well, that’s what the browbeat pressure of the jury does to the participants over cooking something up given a certain set of conditions to contend for the next level & thus steer away from elimination. If you see closely, life often puts us in similar situations. Picture the sudden phone call from a kin that they’re joining you over lunch/dinner. Or something wayward when you’re forced to concoct something for breakfast if everyone’s getting horribly late.

Nonetheless, occasional verbal tussles or customary signs of unrest among the participants is something that I brush aside & rather prefer to stay engrossed at how despite demanding & utterly tricky situations thrown over by the judges, the contestant families manage to churn out some masterclass dishes to embellish starving palates.

I personally had tried making Chicken Parmigiana using chicken fillets using more Indian variants like the ginger-garlic paste, garam masala & the natural tomato puree for the saucy gravy. I, however, chose to half-cook the fillets in the oven post which it became easy to shallow fry them towards the end. And of course, sans the cheese! I shall post this variation of my recipe in the coming posts very soon, that make it a more healthy version of the dish.

You can catch up with ALL the fantastic & fun-filled episodes here on the ZEE5 App.

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