It’s been almost 6 months of voluntary and inevitable house arrest, thanks to the pandemic! And everything to do with your life seems to be a downhill race (perhaps, other than your weight!) First off, HUGS! Well, let’s ditch the guilt of having totally forgotten what a ‘normal’ healthy/unhealthy lifestyle looked like. Right now, I know, the ONLY health goal most of us have, is just ONE – to NOT get infected with COVID-19! So, why am I even talking about ‘weight-loss’ drinks now?

Weight-loss drinks: true or myth?

Well, ever since our stand-off with the COVID virus officially began in March this year with the government imposing restraining lockdowns in succession, life became an avant-garde. For many of us, prayers for long leaves felt granted. The excitement of ‘family’ time over cubicle anxiety seemed to have finally won. But, all of this euphoria came crashing down within just like…days.


Work-from-Home became Work-For-Home-while-screaming-at-your-kids-and-surviving-on-coffee-shots.

Quality sleep came only while napping at bizarre timings of the day.

Home-cooked food came with choice than with a routine.


What on earth happened to EXERCISE?

Are you working out? Am I eating right?

Or are we just living off NetFlix, popcorns and wine after tiring hours on Zoom?

Wil weight-loss drinks really help you lose weight?

A lot of us look way different from what we looked like before COVID happened (apart from the bushy brows and upper lip hair, BTW!) I really do not have the sample set, but, for now, a lot of folks have been struggling with:

  • Bloating
  • Weight gain
  • Acne or other skin problems
  • Headache
  • Eye bags
  • Stress
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety

Coming to this period, unlike what we’re getting to see on our Instagram feed and suggestions, weight management has been quite an ordeal for many of us. On the contrary, despite having ‘sufficient’ time to dedicate to one’s fitness while getting to stay at home isn’t helping much. Come on, let’s be honest! I know, it’s getting damn hard.

At the same time, those, who have been eyeing weight loss since really very long, are also succumbing to preposterous concept of weight-loss drinks.

Well, do these ‘weight-loss’ drinks that we’ve known to help lose that extra weight, ACTUALLY work?

Let’s find out!

1. The Honey & Water drink

Honey water benefits as weight loss drinks

This elixir has been known since ages to burn fat and enhance metabolism. Honey comes with some great anti-bacterial properties too. But remember that honey does amount to adding calories as well.

If you are looking for something ‘healthier’ to swap with sugary sodas or packaged juices, honey water may be a good choice. However, there’s no significant study revealing that honey can ‘melt’ fat.

2. Green Tea (the commercial topper in weight-loss drinks)

Does green tea help with weight-loss?

It contains Polyphenol antioxidants that prevent cell damage. Over the recent years, it’s commercial popularity as a metabolism-booster is quite vouched for by many.

Nevertheless, as per a recent review around the role of green tea in helping overweight/obese people with weight loss, it has been found that it was not a significant one to substantiate as clinically established.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple Cider Vinegar weight-loss drinks

Yes. Apart from regulating blood sugar, cholesterol and even hormonal disturbances like PCOS, ACV has proven to actually help obese people (based on controlled tests on fairly large groups) to some extent. But, we’ll discuss the terms a little below as you read. 🙂

4. Warm Lemon water

Lemon water, of course, is a great low-calorie alternative to high-calorie drinks if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s known that lemon reeks of Vitamin C and likewise, lemon water increases the absorption of Iron from food.

But, scientifically, it is not much different from the normal drinking water. One way it can help you is by motivating you to keep yourself hydrated with liquids in some form or the other.

If Vitamin C is your defense to this not-so-fancy idea of infusing the vitamin with weight-loss drinks, the experts always warrant that you can consume Vit C in various other ways. Something as ordinary as having citrus fruits directly or sprinkling lemon juice on your salads. It doesn’t necessarily have to be warm lemon water.

5. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea do popular weight-loss drinks actually work

Of course!

Ginger Tea has always made it to the top list of weight-loss drinks. We all know how ginger tea can lace its effectiveness out at digestive problems that hinder chances of weight-loss. It is particularly this property that makes it ideal to consume while aiming for fat-loss. Because, it boosts digestion, thereby speeding up metabolism as well.

It also can act as an anti-inflammatory concoction which enhances your immunity. What else do I say, when a large number of Indians find even the smell of ginger-infused chai extremely therapeutic and stress-busting!

BUT. If had in excess, it can trigger heartburn, diarrhea or other forms of abdominal discomfort.

6. Coffee / Black Coffee

Does having black cofee help you lose weight weight-loss drinks

For ages, black coffee has been regarded as one of the best ways to boost metabolism, hence lose fat easily.

However, caffeine can also lead to dehydration that works counter-productively on your weight-loss efforts All the more, studies show that coffee, when consumed predominantly as a pre-workout drink, can pave way to cardiovascular complications.

While the benefits and ‘role’ of any of these drinks in weight-loss cannot be denied for sure, we need to understand one concept that’s the hero behind the science of weight-loss A.K.A FAT-LOSS.

However effective they be, you must remember that these weight-loss drinks cannot yield any results independetly.

Do weight-loss drinks like green tea & coffee burn fat?

What works then?

A successful weight loss journey is largely governed by the consistent maintenance of CALORIE DEFICIT.

If you actually are aiming to lose excess weight (fat), you must primarily aim at:

  1. Strength Training, where you lose fat & gain muscle pretty much simultaneously.

2. Enough Intake of fluids/water

3. Balanced food composition consisting of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins & fiber.


4. Exercise is an irreplaceable component of weight-loss. Regardless of the consistency at your calorie-deficit through diet, your results aren’t going to be sustainable in the long run, neither healthy even if you manage to lose a substantial amount of weight. The downside remains that you’re likely to lose essential muscle mass than the unwanted flab you’re trying to get rid of. And this could boomerang at your health in the long run; in the form of chronic fatigue, decreased immunity, poor skin health & premature ageing.

I’d love if your share your weight-loss experience in the comments (if any) 🙂 mentioning how a certain combination of those healthy drinks worked in your favor in a sustainable manner.


The information published in this post is based completely around supporting research conclusions & also my own experience with weight-loss under the guidance of a certified dietitian & trainer. This must not be treated as a substitute for medical advice or recommendation.

I would always suggest you to consult your nutritionist or physician if you plan to make significant changes to your diet & fitness routine.

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