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While we celebrate the #HappyWomensWeek, FitbeWell feels honored to feature Deepa Gandhi, a renowned blogger, choreographer & nutritionist. She shares with us her inspiring bits on how she turned her passion into profession & thus finds the joy of entrepreneurship today.

Deepa Gandhi blogger interview with FitbeWell

Deepa is a well-known name in the blogosphere & is an adoring mother of two lovely girls, 15 and 11 year old. She is a postgraduate in Foods and Nutrition & also went on to have her M.Phil. But that’s not the only cape she flaunts. She is a freelance dietitian, too, & loves to dance & write.

Here’s a little tête-à-tête we had with her that reveals a lot about her desire to strike a worthy balance between her parenting duties, passion & career. She is an inspiration to that every mom who thinks motherhood may spell the end to her career or passion.

How do you see your life priorities as a loving wife & mom?

Deepa, the mother & blogger

I am a multitasking mom who loves spending time with her family and girls. I wanted to give my maximum time to my girls but wanted to do something of my own too.  I knew right from the time, I became a mother that being a mother would be the single most important thing that had and ever will happen to me. Nothing could ever be as important to me.

What got you into dietary science?

I am a freelance dietitian and provide online consultations, make meal plans and also write various articles related to foods and nutrition. I chose dietetics because I love the idea of using diet as a means to improve health.

Have you taken dietetics full-time? Could you share all that goes into you on the professional front?

I have traveled a lot after marriage and by the time I planned to work, we moved to a different place. After a certain point, I didn’t want to go out and look for jobs. This suited me & my family. All the more, I wanted to be with my girls too.

Deepa, the blogger choreographer

I’m a creative person and am passionate for dancing. I started my own dance school Kreative steps to follow my passion. I have been choreographing kids and adults since the last 6 years. My students have performed on stage on various festivals and events. Needless to say, dance is imbibed in me. So, I always say dancing is my life and music is my soul. Now you know, I am the dancing dietitian (Smiles).

You’re an accomplished blogger today. What was it that first got you into blogging?

I started blogging a long time back but it was more like a personal diary to share my own thoughts. I’m a blogger at Mycity4kids & SHEROES. I’m also a mentor at Sheroes and help people with their queries related to health and then moved to my own space with my blog – kreativemommy.com almost 2 years back. I write from my heart to connect with my readers easily. I brought my blog from an unknown abyss to a good social media following and a great list of accomplishments.

Tell us about KreativeMommy.

Dietician by education, Blogger by passion, a mommy of two girls, I share all my experiences through my creative eyes as blogger. KreativeMommy has all my thoughts & ideas on everything about life. It’s a one-place solution for all your queries related to nutrition, traveling, parenting, & every single thing about life thereafter.

My target audience are parents, moms, and anybody who is interested to know about nutrition.

What has been your driving force?

My inspiration to write are my two daughters who make my life worth living and I know I’m leaving behind something incredible for them. I will say writing is a passion that runs close behind motherhood!

I strongly believe in the adage, “Make your passion your profession and you will never regret it”.

I am one of those lucky ones who are able to follow their passion. I am fortunate to have a husband who has always supported me & my decisions. It’s not easy as it sounds. But if you’re not happy with what you’re doing in life, it’s better to give your passion a shot!

What would you want to say to the moms who are stuck between their passion & the apparent limitations that come after motherhood?

These are my few tips for other moms who are trying to follow their passion –

  1. Be patient– Initially, there will be lot of struggle. But don’t lose hope.
  2. Be consistent– Keep on doing good work & don’t think about end results.
  3. Be Yourself– Just do what you like doing and don’t try to follow or copy others.

Here goes a list of Deepa’s awards & achievements:

  • E book author – Parenting Tips and Tricks in 2016
  • First runner up at smart blogging contest by SmartWomen.com in 2015
  • Featured in the Top 50 bloggers by Momspresso for a contest.
  • Notable Newbie award by Blogadda in 2016
  • Featured in the list of top 100 bloggers by Indiantopblogs.com in 2017
  • Featured in the list of top education bloggers by Topindianblogs.com by Indiblogger in 2018
  • Featured in the top 300 mom blogs worldwide by Testfacts.com
  • Featured as a top Travel Mom Blogger by Flipkey by TripAdvisor

I feel priveleged to have had this quickie banter with Deepa & thank her for making time for this.

This was a #HappyWomensWeek special feature by FitbeWell. Please share your thoughts on this in the comments section. Here’s wishing you a Happy Women’s Week too.

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