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Though I always try to brew positivity through my blog, here’s something I feel we need to address at a rudimentary level – NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. For many of us, life seems like a few splinters of happy memories trapped in the cobwebs of negative thoughts. You’re so worried that even while wedding your coveted ‘love interest’, you have thoughts crossing your head about getting this beautiful moment jinxed. So, it’s fairly justified to say, “Touch wood” without fail whenever you’re drawing pride, satisfaction or even a “Phew” moment. Right?

There’s FEAR, INSECURITY, JEALOUSY & HATE in all of us. And as true as the fact that they’re indispensable, is that they’re all conquerable too. But what do you call them? Feelings? Or are they Thoughts?

Umm…Let’s explore.

If you’ve attended workshops targeted at mindfulness, meditation or positive thinking, there’s always an axiom that’s upheld all the time. That you must NOT bottle your FEELINGS, which primarily cook up the above negative THOUGHTS in you. As a result of which you end up frustrated, or very likely, just go depressed. However, many great speakers successfully draw this thick line between one’s FEELINGS & THOUGHTS. In simple words, feelings are a by-product of thoughts. So basically, feelings are an emotional response to the thoughts which are borne by your very own mind.

5 ways to fight negative thoughts

What we need to master is – controlling our negative thoughts. Feelings are difficult to controlled (& should neither be controlled). But thoughts better be at our disposal.

It’s not just the offensive magic of a few drinks or a horrid breakup it takes to rip the morose monster out of you. It’s rather because you did not try to steer your thoughts away from the negativity. These are, undoubtedly, testing moments & we’re going to have lots of them in a lifetime.

For some really quirky reasons, I’ve personally found these 5 WAYS to rid my mind of negative thoughts:


That’s right.

I always think of myself as a mash-up of 2 friends. And that has helped me a great deal in overcoming maddening situations of nervousness, fear & any kind of toxicity. I visualize my ‘prudent friend‘ assuring me that she’s going to lend me her hand anytime the need be & we shall do the difficult thing TOGETHER.


Whenever you find yourself torn horribly between various negative thoughts, ask yourself, “Can it KILL me instantly?” Take the technical answer to yourself, which is usually a “NO”. And that gives you ample time to just sit back, relax & declutter your mind to let ideas flowing in.

3.Confront Hate

Let’s admit, we all have some or the other person, whom we feel, is too bad to be loved or admired. While most of us get away with this kind of hate, it’s pretty hard to ignore the hate that comes from somebody else to you.

Hate, today, is all over the social media. Ranging from sly or offensive tweets to derogatory Instagram & Facebook comments, you just name the platform, & it’s all around. What’s freaking funny is that lately, even Quora has begun seeing this kind of customary hate in comments on answers. When you haven’t done anything to invite the ire of somebody & you’re still being abused particularly online, you need to take on the negativity without letting it affect you. You either school the ‘hate’ properly with warnings of dire consequences or report the hate to the concerned takers, if at all, it’s an evident crime. A great inspiration in braving online negativity is Instagram celebrity, Kamana Gautam.

4.Call a friend

Calling up an empathetic friend, you’ve always been in touch with, is a boon in practical sense. Practical, because, it’s an actual buddy who does the pep-talk for you instead of the one I mentioned in the 1st one above! Hence, that means more points of view in the discussion, which will definitely lead to decimating the negativity. 🙂


Oh, well, apart from the above 4 effortless ways to fight negative thoughts, regular Yoga has lots in store in the domain. A lot of my positivity has been the repercussion of practicing Yoga. Just pick an asana or even begin with Suryanamaskara, & tell me if you don’t start seeing the results over time.

And trust me, if I can, so can you. 🙂

I’d love to quote these relevant lines from the Bhagwad Geeta:

Bandhur Atmatmanas Tasya Yenatmaivatmana Jitah
Anatmanas tu Satrutve Vartetatmaiva Satru-vat
For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends;
But for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be the greatest enemy.’
Mindfulness Controlling negative thoughts

How do you deal with negative thoughts in your life? Please share in the comments.

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