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HI! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m so glad to have you here…

It takes precious patience to just pause after landing on someone’s webpage. Thank you for reading about my mission to get you along with me on this journey to living a healthy and happy life!

I just can’t thank you enough for that!

Well, let me ask you a few questions:

Have you often found yourself brainstorming over how to brave the body-shamers the next time?

• Have you spent something like forever staring at your face in the mirror scanning its imperfections – the damn acne, the immutable tan and all of that stuff?

• Have you refrained from social hangouts just because your body says so?

• Has work perturbed your health-life equilibrium to the worst extent?

• Have you been a mum who’s pining for that fit and fab silhouette of yours again?

• Have you repeatedly failed at your attempts of weaning your child off completely?

• Have marriage and motherhood ever forced you to love your health less than everybody’s?

• Have you been a teen who’s somehow not being able to put up with all that hormonal turbulence happening to you?

• Have you not gotten over the loss of a relationship or a person yet?

I want to help you sort that every bit of a scary mess you fear being in.

Yes, I am going to hold your hand & tell you why fitness isn’t as complicated as many of us find it to be. I intend to show you that healthy nutrition is as simple as a pie! Certainly without those food scales, crazy supplements or any wacky science!

That’s because, to me, health is about putting common sense to action.

Hi, I’m Ashvini Naik.

A former corporate software trainer, a bonafide Yoga and fitness enthusiast, wife to a friend of close to 5 years and mom to a naughty 6 year old daughter A.

Trotting all my way from a gradation of corporate experiences amidst motherhood, I’m here to reach out to you, who’s always been up to fostering a positive evolutionary lifestyle.

I was just one among you until I had my real tryst with lifestyle improvement. When I took a LEAP from being a SAHM for 2 years to job-hunting again! It was for this first job post the break that the essence of balance between home, kid and health struck me.

Here, I wish to share my rendezvous with fitness and rejuvenation and help you revivify your life FOR GOOD.

Because if YOU don’t make great health tangible for yourself, nobody else will.

Let’s not do it to own a PERFECT body (‘cause there never exists one!) OR

to just fit into that dress of your dreams!


To own a HEALTHY BODY and HAPPY MIND instead.

Let’s not change to shut the nitpickers. Let’s change so that life doesn’t silently scoff at us for the number of dissatisfying years we’re going to live for.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.”
-Jim Rohn

……But isn’t your body nothing but the state of your mind?


And let’s live it with dollops of zest!

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