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I’ve often been sharing various nuances of food with significant regards to its health quotient & taste. Well, innately, I’m not a foodie but my family’s penchant for flavors does make me delve into innovating healthy recipes. What I can say from experience is that finding a perfect balance between HEALTH & TASTE is a gruelling job. And when you prioritize health while trying a new dish, you risk frowns & disheartening feedback from your guinea pigs! 😉 I’ve always had a rocking affair with non-vegetarian food & can almost not live without having it at least once in a week. Nevertheless, in many parts of India, specially down the south, this Hindu month of Shravana sees a dedicated culture with special reference to food apart from major festivities like the Nag Panchami, Varmahalakshmi Pooja & Ganesh Chaturti. Vegetarian food is ardently relished throughout the month as part of observing the Shravana rituals. And likewise, at my home, the hunt sessions for new vegetarian recipes begins. But, I’m all sorted with the amazing Marathi cookery show AAMHI SAARE KHAVAYYE on ZEE5!


Honestly speaking, to most Indians, including my husband, vegetarian food isn’t as appealing as its non-vegetarian contemporaries in the TASTE department. Most often, vegetarianism is sadly relegated to just paneer (cottage cheese), mushroom & potato. So every Shravana, I keep brainstorming & looking out for veg dishes that can be deemed ‘equivalent’ to the finger-licking taste of chicken, fish or mutton concoctions. And I’ve been in love with this show AAMHI SAARE KHAVAYYE for my cooking ideas.

Shravan cooking with AAMHI SAARE KHAVAYYE on ZEE5


It’s been close to 3 years that I’ve often watched the show for the kind of innovation presented by the featured chefs & guests in making visually-appetizing stuff. This show is a sure delight for those who love trying out & feasting over some out-of-the-world flavors. What’s great here is that it churns out dishes from throughout the Indian terrain & promises to send your taste buds into the ultimate euphoria.

  • Their unconventional yet appealing dishes using readily available ingredients. For example, fusing a new sabzi (Indian stew) with a Roti (Indian bread) to make a Parantha, which is not the cliched Aloo/Gobi/Muli/Spinach/Paneer one.
  • Extremely Easy-to-Cook methods, which turn out to be delicious & equally healthy. And even if you find some of them involving deep-frying or all-purpose flour, they can easily be replaced by the shallow fry/air-fry technique & healthy substitutes like wheat flour. Yes; without compromising on taste.
  • Easy-to-Follow pattern. What I specially like about this is despite being a Marathi cookery show, the entire recipe demonstration can also be followed by those who do not understand Marathi.
  • The ZEE5 APP makes it all the more convenient for you to watch the program on the go. I fret those office days when I used to miss it as it previously aired only in the afternoons. But you’d not have those with the app.

Here’s this deliciously filling Mushroom-Cheese parantha for breakfast the last week, that I tried from this particular episode. It turned out extremely tasty & the kiddo-father duo loved & thanked me for packing them up in their lunchboxes too! *Smiles & Blushes* It’s always up to you to raise the health quotient in the recipes you try. Like in this case, I made my dough using only wheat flour & Rava (semolina) to avoid Maida (all purpose flour).


I must say that it’s harder to get all checks from the husband than the daughter when it comes to food appraisals, as he’s a foodie with an unconditional love for fried snacks & sides. The daughter is way more disciplined about choosing healthy alternatives. LOL.

Aamhi Saare Khavayye been one of my favorite TV cookery shows, apart from Cook with Smile & Rachna Cooks for their easy recipes.

I guarantee it will keep the tone of the Shravan month lovable like never before! So, how about checking out this fantastic show for some awe-inspiring cooking ideas?

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored content. However, all my views & opinions are honestly my own. Please head to my disclosure here.

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