Living the Suryanamaskara wayFor the huge number of people who wallow in New Year resolutions every year about getting fitter and living life the healthier way, sticking to the resolution commonly becomes an uphill battle after the first few days…err…the first weekend. And we must admit attributing the failure to the lack of self-discipline instead of veneering it with lack of time (I used to be one among them for years. So, I’m in, too!).

It was until 2 years ago that I decided to put an end to all the traces of any lackadaisicalness I had in my mind about fitness under the excuse of being a full-time mom during my very long career break. I just had to rightly realize that we all just have one life; and making time for it should be our call, no matter what keeps us busy.

Well, if you’re somebody who has always been confused to take the plunge into fitness, you are reading the RIGHT post that can miraculously guide you about it!

How Suryanamaskara changes your life

MY TAKE ON Suryanamaskara:

Suryanamaskara, or Sun-Salutation is the one of the most potent forms of Yoga, which packs all the essentials of a great workout routine. It was one of the strongly recommended exercises by my sister-in-law who’s a doctor herself. And I must say, ever since I began working out, I found it to play a key role in moulding my middling, rather chubbier frame into a fitter, stronger and a nicer one over a decent period of 3 months. As a beginner, this was something that helped me set my focus on being certain about developing my physical capacity by choosing the perfect routine for my body. I started with doing 5-6 rounds of Suryanamaskaras for the first week and gradually increased the repetitions as my flexibility improved day after day.


One round of Suryanamaskara consists of 12 powerful Yoga postures/asanas, which burns upto 13.9 calories for a person of average built. As the diction of the name goes, Suryanamaskara is best practiced at dawn on an empty stomach. This helps the body warm up and break from the yawning and daydreaming mode! That’s because on an empty stomach, it’s relatively meaningful to burn unwanted calories (from the body fat, and not from the lately ingested food). This potentially helps make more oxygen available to our body parts then. Those who may find it difficult to do it early in the morning can practice during sunset after a considerable gap following the last meal. When done during the early evening, it helps us relax.

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The 12 Asanas:

STEP 1:   Pranamasana

SuryaNamaskar-Prayer PoseStart to breathe in as you bring both the palms together in the Prayer pose

STEP 2:   Hastauttanasana

Suryanamaskar-HastauttanasanaRaise both the arms by arching your back as the image depicts while breathing in deeply. This posture really gives a great stretch across the length of the back.

STEP 3:   Hastapadasana

Suryanamaskar-HastapadasanaThis includes bending forward to touch the feet trying not to bend the knees while breathing out.

STEP 4:   Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Put your right foot forward while keeping the left leg back as the image shows. Breathe in as you look up.

STEP 5:   Dandasana

Suryanamaskar-DandasanaContinue to breathe in as you hold your body up with the help of your hands on the floor. This position is strikingly similar to that of a plank and greatly strengthens the abdomen muscles, thereby working up to the core.

STEP 6:   Ashtanga Namaskara

Suryanamaskar-Ashtanga NamaskaraBreathe out as you slowly put your chin to rest on the floor and raise your rear as in the image.

STEP 7:   Bhujangasana

Suryanamaskar-Cobra PostureInhale deeply again as you go on to arch your upper half as illustrated. This posture is known to enhance blood circulation.

STEP 8:   Parvatasana

Suryanamaskar-Mountain PostureThe position resembles the silhouette of a mountain, ‘parvat’. Breathe out slowly as you go about it.

STEP 9:   Ashwa Sanchalasana

(Repeat Step 4)

STEP 10:   Hastapadasana

(Repeat Step 3)

STEP 11:   Hastauttanasana

(Repeat Step 2)

STEP 12:   Tadasana

Suryanamaskar-TadasanaStand straight bringing the arms down while breathing out and just relax.



The slow and steady switching from one posture (asana) to another during each set of Suryanamaskara manifests into an awesome stretching of almost every muscle of our body. And as you start doing it, you will be cock-a-hoop to notice your flexibility and strength improve over time. It also rids you from the usual fatigue of the body and mind as the entire process elevates our stamina levels. If done at a fast pace, Suryanamaskara is way more efficient than an hour of cardio. But caution not to get hyperventilated doing that, because:

Suryanamaskara sworn by celebs

SO, what Suryanamaskara does for you?

  • HELPING YOU LOSE WEIGHT (& that stubborn belly fat, too!):

I’m glad to be testimony to this very point! Besides taking to clean eating habits, with Sun-Salutation, I lost 3 kilograms in the first 10 days only! I could lose 5 inches from the waist, as well in just 3 months.


As you practice, you shall realize how your abdomen muscles get stronger than before. This can be attributed to the asanas like Dandasana & Ashtanaga namaskara. These are very similar to planks, but done with more finesse.


Suryanamaskara everyday leaves your skin feeling more refreshed owing to the drastic improvement in blood circulation. The Ashwa Sanchalanasana & Padahastasana asanas ensure blood circulation to every inch of your face, enhancing oxygenation, thus eliminating toxic impurities. And believe me, that helped me with acne too!


Almost all the postures of this Yoga technique are aimed at giving the arms, calves and thighs a great workout. So, very soon you’d notice the jiggly arms and thighs just vanish in thin air!


The next time your friend calls you for a marathon on a Sunday morning, you’re totally up for it.


The sequential bending and raising movements in the process aid better digestion of ingested food. Moreover, an early morning Suryanamaskara habit leads to perfect metabolism that helps break down food faster.


It disciplines your mind by keeping it content, patient cheerful and more alert. And, Positivity’s IN!

From warming up, boosting energy levels to strengthening the core and cleansing the body, Suryanamaskara encompasses every vital aspect of an efficient exercise regime.


  • Pregnant,
  • Menstruating,
  • Having joint problems or othopaedic complication(s),
  • Having heart issues or Hypertension (high Blood Pressure),

…you better refrain from doing Suryanamaskara, as the postures may aggravate any of the related complications.

Say CHEERS to LIFE, every time you bow to the Sun!

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