A pretty large chunk of the world population consists of the millennial adults. While most of us can happily connect our childhood years to the playgrounds, baddie courts or school picnics in terms of leisure takeaways, we fail to reminisce anything even remotely similar to that about our teenage or adulthood. Some random amazement that started off with chatting on messenger over a dial-up connection and then BOOM!

Enter MySpace, AOL, Orkut and Facebook. They all sound like an old broth that we all had been cooking together since years, right? And now, it’s right in our hands with the smartphones. Today, there stands an already established giant – Facebook Addiction Disorder.

Here are the nastiest upshots you must first admit to have embraced with F.A.D (Facebook Addiction Disorder):

Rooting for ‘approval’

Why is your ‘feel-good’ factor relative to the number of likes and comments that your irrelevantly random selfies or the redundant snaps of a recent holiday album get? Well, you may know your looks better with or without the fancy filters; or how refreshing and memorable your last trip with your family was. You could revive your profile by changing your display and cover pictures with a few photos. But NO! Only a 200+ likes and 50+ comments will help you render meaning to the entire album!

The inessential sulking

Sulking on Facebook Addiction Disorder

Up for some rapid soul-searching session? Have you noticed yourself turn into an unbecomingly envious individual over another person’s Facebook narratives? Have you been drawing futile comparisons between your job that allows minimal holidaying, with somebody’s who owns a business? Well, you may be totally discrediting his risks as an entrepreneur at the same time who, therefore, conveniently deserves some leisure spans.

Perennial insomniacs

Insomnia on Facebook Addiction
There’s always something that helps us retire to sleep everyday – MELATONIN. Our brain releases melatonin when the body senses the need to relax after the day’s toil. However, for those who can’t abstain from their smartphones even in bed, falling asleep is a task. That’s because the brain fails to understand that it’s awake past the sleep time due to the light emitted from the screen. Over time this disrupts the sleep routine leading to disturbed sleep deprived, cranky minds often with a reduced ability to retrieve memories of important things of daily life.

Forever distracted

Facebook addiction causes distraction

How much of that scrolling down has been productive? Was it really worth scrolling down when you had to prepare notes for a meeting, study for an exam or just sleep on time? Having your time wasted always ain’t a cool way of having the time of your life. Isn’t it?

Pheww! Check out these 5 awesome ways to kick the addiction and draw lines of moderation between social media and YOU.

5 ways to beat facebook addiction


Well, that’s something I’d really, really coax you into doing RIGHT AWAY. It just worked perfectly for ME!

Because those beeps of notifications will never cease to tempt you into checking them every now and then. You can always choose to log in from your browser instead whenever you’re ‘free’.


Stop paying heed to mutual friend obligations. Just because somebody sent you a request over having mutual friends, you don’t have to accept it and subscribe to their unsolicited feed


Not everybody in your ‘Friends List’ is actually your friend in the real life. And you know their stories hardly matter to you. So, unfriend them; because they’ll hardly even notice that.


Facebook-ing for 'breaks'

Reserve a minimal slot for your Facebook time; like just 1 hour a day, preferably on your way home in a cab or public transport, or restrict to just a few hours on the weekends. Opening a stock of notifications then would be more delightful than finding them a distraction otherwise.


Disconnect from the social medium by planning a weekend getaway or a brief holiday with your loved ones, whom you probably deprived of their quality time with you every time they found you ‘busy’ with Facebook, rather Facebook addiction.

Vacation from Facebook

Did you ever find your life stuck with Facebook or other social media? How did you steer clear of your Facebook addiction? Do let me in the comments.

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